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Download Orient 24F6511 Software Rar

All following given firmware of Orient LED TV is backed up with programming tool and can be loaded into tv with the programmer. Each LED TV Model has its own specific Software File that you can download for a specific model. It is advised to all beginners that first save the backup of the old software before installing new software or remove the original flash IC and load the software in new flash ic then mount it. In case of any trouble, you can replace back the original flash ic to avoid any issue.

Download Orient 24F6511 Software rar

Assalam alaikum mere pas orient led 24inch hai problem yeh hai k jub on karo tu red se blue light ho k red pr ajati thi yani standby pr akay khara hojata tha phir remote se on hojati thi lekin ab red se blue light pr ruki rehti hai red nhi hoti remote b kam nhi karta kafi on off karo tu kabhii on hojati haior phir sahi chalti hai koi bata sakta hai yeh software issue hai ya hardware??? Pls need help 041b061a72


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