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How to Edit Photos and Graphics with Photoshop for Free on Windows XP

The system requirements for Windows XP are quite a lot compared to other operating systems of similar era. But, the recent editions of Windows made it compatible to even old computers. But, if you have a very low-powered computer which is slow to handle GUI apps or intense programs, then go for Windows XP. Windows XP has the ability to support over 4 GB RAM. This can handle all the memory hungry applications of today. Then, if you need Adobe Photoshop you can use the 32bit version of it because the 64bit version has been too heavy for your CPU.

download photoshop free full version for windows xp

In fact, Microsoft has made Windows XP still popular in the market by releasing all its security updates for over 15 years, unofficially up to this day. But, Windows XP 32bit download is getting a little tougher to find these days as it is still being supported by MS.

For those who are still on Windows XP, you will find all the registered and non-registered components in the registry, and it wont be difficult to find and modify as most of these components are organized in a tabular format. Still, it is better to copy the registry first and then start the modifications from the copy.

If you are planning to clean your system then you can delete unnecessary files. However, most of these files were leftover from previous version of Windows and they are not necessary to clean your system. You can use these tools to clean you system using registry free download windows xp 32bit

Believe it or not, but the Windows XP is said to have recovered over 15% of PC on boot-up since 2001. Apart from that, a majority of the users now use Windows 7 as their primary operating system. However, if you still need Windows XP then make sure you download the 32bit version of it.


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