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Huey Notebook Paper Full Album Zip _VERIFIED_

AllMusic editor David Jeffries said that despite repeated mentions of the Hitz Committee label and Huey being held back as a rapper, he praised the variety of different styles used throughout the track listing, saying they sound "more like highlights than missed opportunities". He concluded that, "While more outside help might have shown them the way to something stunning, it's a testament to Huey and the Hitz Committee team that they made a rewarding rather than just promising debut out of some everyday beats and ideas".[1] Steve Juon of RapReviews commended the production and "radio ready" tracks but found the overall record to be "rather obvious" with said tracks and the various topics it speaks about, saying that, "[I]f you're looking through Huey's notebook to find anything deep or substantive then disappointment is bound to ensue. [...] the feeling overall is that this album was carefully packaged and planned in a corporate record label's hitmaking factory".[2]

Huey Notebook Paper Full Album Zip


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