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Theodore Baker
Theodore Baker

Recycled Robots: 10 Robot Projects [UPDATED] Download

Micro:bit robot kits are often costly that often costs more than $50. But what about building your own out of recycled materials for free! With this robot bus project, you will learn how to control a robot using the Micro:bit.

Recycled Robots: 10 Robot Projects Download


Design, build, and program your own remarkable robots with JavaScript and open source hardware! There has been a rapid rise in the use of JavaScript in recent times in a variety of applications, and JavaScript robotics has seen a rise in popularity too. Johnny-Five is a framework that gives NodeBots a consistent API and platform across several hardware systems. This book walks you through basic robotics projects including the physical hardware builds and the JavaScript code for them. You'll delve into the concepts of Johnny-Five and JS robotics.

Hi! The Johnny-Five community is building new projects every day. We made this newsletter to tell you about what's new, what's good, and what's next for Open Source robotics. Join us in exploring what we can make together.


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