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Download Do Jogo Batman Arkham City Para Pc

With the open game world, Rocksteady included more villains to create challenges for Batman. Hugo Strange was selected as a primary antagonist, as his power and controlling manner help maintain the lockdown on Arkham City once Batman enters. Strange is aware of Batman's true identity, making Batman "vulnerable and exposed in a way that he has never been before", according to Hill. He noted that Strange is a character new to many players but that his backstory and character are detailed throughout the game.[89] Catwoman was also included based on her long history with Batman, though she was given her own agenda running parallel to the events within Arkham City.[93] Catwoman's missions initially ended with her coming to Batman's aide, but late in development, the developers decided to give the player an alternate choice, allowing them to have the morally grey Catwoman leave the city with her loot; the addition was implemented in two days.[94] Batman's sidekick Robin also appears, featuring a shaved head and contemporary costume design that were intended to move away from his traditional "Boy Wonder" image. Senior concept artist Kan Muftic explained: "Our vision of Robin is the one of a troubled young individual that is calm and introverted at times, but very dangerous and aggressive if provoked. The shaved head is inspired by cage fighters, because we thought that Robin might be doing that in his spare time to keep him on his toes. Still, we kept all the classic trademarks of Robin's appearance, such as the red and yellow colors of his outfit, the cape and the mask."[95] Rocksteady originally did not plan to include Robin in the main story but later decided to as an authentic means of delivering new gadgets to Batman, as well as to introduce their version of the character and his relationship with Batman.[31]

download do jogo batman arkham city para pc

New purchases of the game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are provided with a unique code that unlocks the "Catwoman" DLC, enabling a series of missions for Catwoman, with unique weapons and moves.[39][143] Although the missions were presented as part of the main game, on October 13, 2011, Warner Bros. announced that it would be restricted to new purchases.[37][143] Users can also purchase the content separately. It was later announced that pre-owned copies purchased from GameStop would contain the necessary unlock code.[144] A Warner Bros. rep confirmed that playing as Catwoman would not be required to complete the game.[145] The Catwoman DLC also contains two alternate skins for the character: her appearances from The Animated Series and Batman: The Long Halloween.[146] The PC version of the game includes the DLC, requiring no downloads or further installs to access.[39]

O mod é compatível com as versões de Batman: Arkham City para Steam, GOG e Epic Games Store, alterando o launcher do jogo no processo. Na loja da Valve, os criadores responsáveis publicaram um guia explicando todos os passos que são precisos fazer para instalar e aproveitar a modificação visual.

Além de trabalhar com o game de 2011, GPUnity também já lançou pacotes que melhoram os visuais de Batman: Arkham Asylum, Nier Automata e outros títulos. Segundo ele, Arkham City Redux vai ser seu último trabalho relacionado ao aprimoramento de texturas e não há nenhum plano futuro para a criação de modificações relacionadas a Arkham Knight ou outro jogo envolvendo o personagem.


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