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Nicole Aniston Pantyhose

Okay guys, well after taking some time away to go conquer becoming Miss Penthouse Pet for August 2012, blonde bombshell Nicole Aniston has returned to take care of you in more sexy pantyhose like only she can do. She starts you off in a sexy leopard print dress with black pantyhose and black high heels. She takes her time teasing you with sneak peeks of her hairy pussy mashed into her pantyhose. She snaps at the waistband of her hose and tells you to pull that cock out of your pants and watch as she models her sexy dress and silky pantyhose for you. Nicole pulls her nylons high and tight while she stands over the top of your face. She tells you to jack it off for her a little bit as she continues to tease you with up close pussy play. She removes her high heels and imitates her feet wrapped around your cock. Nicole moves to the couch and backs her ass right up to your face asking you to dump your load all over her back side. The dress comes off next and Nicole tortures you some more with naughty talk as she crawls around on the floor in front of you. Nicole lies on her tummy with her legs open to let you look down inside of her open pink pussy hole while you jack off another hot load all over her pantyhose. Nicole grabs the camera for a little alone time and close up views of her perfect face while encouraging you to give her more of the white cream that your cock has for her before she slides out of her sexy pantyhose and into a pair of seamless navy blue tights that hug her body just right. Now give Miss Aniston what she wants and she will pull a nice tight camel toe for you while standing right over the top of you face before she slides them off of her beautiful body and leaves you with a bird's eye view of her sexy pussy with her legs wide open.

nicole aniston pantyhose


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This hot blonde is angry on her boss because it's freezing cold in her office. The guy knows exactly how to warm her up so he starts to lick her pussy after ripping her pantyhose and exposing her generous tits. The milf loves it and decides to give head in exchange for such a great cunnilingus, with just minutes in advance to actually have the fucker drilling her elastic pussy in a fantastic hardcore.

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