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Theodore Baker
Theodore Baker

Apache - (2004) Five Spirits [Full Album] LINK

Clutch was formed in 1991 by vocalist Neil Fallon, guitarist Tim Sult, bassist Dan Maines and drummer Jean-Paul Gaster.[1] The group debuted with Pitchfork, an EP released in October that same year. The band built a local following through constant gigging and released their second EP Passive Restraints through Earache). Clutch was signed by the East West Records label and released their full-length debut Transnational Speedway League. A self-titled album appeared two years later, which afforded the band some mainstream exposure.[1]

Apache - (2004) Five Spirits [Full Album]

Organized and to the point, Esther Pringle Weldon sat at her folding table behind several organized stacks of albums, obituaries, photographs and other family memorabilia. She is surrounded by photographs in her living and dining rooms meticulously displayed on the family piano, the couch and on chairs representing five generations of the Pringle family. On a folded sheet of paper is a hand-written account of her 92-year family history in Evanston in the very house her father built at 1827 Grey, Evanston. 041b061a72


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