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Dorm Dek Hor Eng Sub [Thai Movie]

At the same time, Ms. Pranee (Sukapatana), the school administrator, is deeply troubled by Vichien's death because she believes incorrectly that Vichien committed suicide and that it was partly her fault. At the end of the movie, Ton tells Pranee the truth, that Vichien's death was an accident and that Pranee should not blame herself.

Dorm Dek Hor Eng Sub [Thai Movie]

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I'm a big fan of both films and books that involve kids learning about life through death. Both Stephen King's novella "The Body," and its terrific movie adaptation, Stand by Me, were fantastic. Joe Lansdale's novel "The Bottoms" is gripping. And now I can add Dorm up there with some of my favorites.

One of the best things about Dorm is the way things play out. Right when I figured out what I thought would be the "twist" (and, I assure you, you will figure it out early on, too), the movie takes a surprising turn. It acknowledged what I just figured out. It says, "Oh, you think you got our number? Well, we'll go ahead and recognize it and carry on so you won't have to hurt your little brain." And that's one of the beauties of Dorm, it doesn't bother with a twist or surprise ending. It just tells a damn good story of two kids and a budding friendship. With a ghost in the mix.

Dorm is a dark movie, like the story it is telling. The mood is not only captured by the low-lit set (even the outdoor scenes seemed to filmed on dreary days), but through its actors. Ton is not happy to be at the school, by any stretch, and his attitude drips off the screen to you, adding to the bleakness of the movie. And that's what this movie is, from damn near start to finish: bleak. Even the ending, where things are squared away, it still leaves you a little sad. It's by no means a bad ending; it's quite a fitting ending (if a little predictable), but it's not a happy one. The ending is poignant and a bit heartbreaking. Yet, for it to be the movie that it is, it has to be that way.

There are a few instances of digital compression issues in Dorm's 1.85:1 anamorphic presentation, but only a few. They aren't distracting from the film, by any means, but they are noticeable (particularly on hard-edged things like cars and buildings). But, like I said, there are only a few, and aside from those instances, Dorm's picture is more than adequate. Being a gloomy movie, with plenty of low-lit shots, the picture has no time for riff-raff, and it didn't give any. The blacks are solid and the picture is clear.

Dorm's "Making of..." featurette is a lot of behind the scenes clips mainly centering around the kids in the movie. There is no narration (and very few interviews), but it's a nice 11 minute piece as it's neither fluff, nor staged. Just everyone in their natural environment on the set and between the scenes.

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