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Scp Gods ((TOP))

So the Church of the Second Hytoth/Ortothan mythos I've been working has been building up a ton of gods. Only one of them appears as a skip though. For the sake of time this list won't have every detail I've envisioned (more details are in some of the articles), so here are the more prominent gods:

scp gods

The Old Gods, sometimes also known as the Low Elder Gods, are overarching and recurrent antagonists in the SCP Foundation series. They are a group of mostly malevolent gods who disregard all life except their own, forcing lesser beings such as humanity to worship them, and are responsible for various anomalies plaguing the world. They appear to be more of a grouping rather than an actual race, and each of one of them range in power and threat.

The Old Ones also have alliances and conflicts among themselves: Mekhane and Yaldabaoth appear to be opposite enemies, while many lesser gods, like Jeser or the Hanged King, serve stronger ones, such as the Scarlet King. It is also speculated that Yaldabaoth for example is the aunt/uncle of the Scarlet King.

It is believed by certain cults, such as Sarkicism and the Chosen of God, that the old gods created the universe.The most well-known gods are actually part of the Low Elder Gods as they are way less powerful than the High Elder Gods, similar in a way to the comparison between the Great Old Ones and the Outer Gods, being superior to the Brothers Death which are superior to the Low Elder Gods.

However, in other continuities, the gods are depicted as not being physical ancient beings, but rather ideas that had come to life after humanity began believing in them, similar in a way to Tulpas. These gods in fact inhabit the noosphere, the human collective consciousness, in which they were created as a result of humanity, as seen with the Scarlet King, the Serpent, Mekhane/WAN, SCP-3125 and possibly SCP-682. The gods that appear directly to humans are in fact their physical projections as the gods don't possess a true form and cannot directly interact with the normal physical world, requiring worshipers and/or avatars in order to exist and affect humanity and the world.

Other already existing beings were able to achieve apotheosis and become gods through the belief of others. In one tale, the Hanged King was able to achieve apotheosis only after his Ambassador convinced his entire Kingdom that after his death he would become a god following the numerous sacrifices he did. The same also happened to SCP-3000 which was originally just an abnormally large eel that became the Hindu god Anantashesha after a large number of people believed they were the same being. The Xia Dynasty believed that this was the case for the gods, their worship causing the manifestation of the gods, meaning that humanity and its beliefs are responsible for the creation and the manipulation of the gods, even retroactively changing the past to make those gods appear as if they always were there despite not existing previously.

Angels and demons, gods and monsters; they flock to your world like vultures to a corpse. Look to the Hydra-Centaurus Supercluster - what your astronomers call the Great Attractor. Carrion come to feast on your dying world and the faith of its doomed denizens."

"But even with his new goal in mind, all the Maker of Machines managed to construct were other kinds of machines. He could not break his own limitation of ideas, so he placed his eyes on the God Eater. This great beast, consuming millions of gods, would then in satisfaction breathe out their remains. And in these ashes of the past gods, the Maker saw new hopes.

Great beasts were bred there, where they fought and bled and consumed one another; great gods were drawn there, licking this wound of the omniverse like parasites. But an even greater beast had been there, the God Eater, a titan among them, who had lurked there for aeons. A godly beast of enormous size, she had consumed countless, and all that were in her path would find no escape.

It fed on the bodies of gods not the flesh of men, And it fell into slumber for ages and ages. But its glory reduces not and his crown ever flaming, Only a fool would claim mastery to such a thing.

"Thus the final battle was met. The gods and all their hosts descended from the heavens and rose from the abyss, to make war with each other. The Stars burned with hate. Creation crumbled under the terrible strain. No Reality was spared, no sphere passed over. The Ways were torn up. The Library burned. Gods were cast down from their thrones, and the realities was laid to ruin. A million, million warfronts poured torrents of blood down the branches of Creation. The King made Yesod his throne, and all of creation was reduced to ash."

Here I found the seat of all Knowledge, a place where all wanderers come to rest. Within this realm was all knowledge that is and is not, and all that was and was not, and all that will be, and will not be. Amongst its words reclined many gods, and many mortal beings studied at their feet. They were all pilgrims, come to the seat of all Knowledge so that they might learn. The stores of knowledge were guarded by a great legion of keepers: blind Archivists, and Docents with their lanterns, and the Pages that swing between the shelves"

"In the time when The Tree of Knowledge was planted, all things were given form. Even the deep waters of the Darkness Below and the vaults of Darkness Above took shape and form, and many elder gods were born of them

This is where Ol' Jeremiah (one of the two of them, anyhow) first became aware of the war between the gods of the infinite worlds of creation. It's all very vast and terrifying and beyond our feeble mortal ken. Oh, I don't mean the endless insecticidal process of the gods dying and being reborn, I mean what the hell 'knuft' and 'thirt' are supposed to mean

Because of this, another low elder God rose up to take his place, this God was known as 'The Hanged King'. He ruled over the kingdom of 'Alagadda' acting as the nexus and center of the Lower dimensions, which converged into his kingdom, not only allowing him to use some of this power for his own- but used this, as a way to become the new leader of the Lower dimensional elder gods. Through all this, there still remained peace between all the elder Gods of the lower dimensions, but that would soon change, after the evil presence that had once threatened the Outerverse, found a new champion to insnare.

He decided that existence itself is painful and that he'd have no part in it, as well as destroying existence itself. He started by consuming his siblings and growing stronger in their essence- pleasing the evil essence as it had a new champion to destroy this Outerverse. He vowed to destroy the Tree, the Creator, and Creation and consumed or subjugated all the other gods such as 'The Prince of Many Faces', 'Moloch', 'Yaldabaoth', Mekhane' and even 'The Hanged King' himself. He took Sanaa, one of the gods he subjugated, forcibly as his wife and sired seven daughters on her. Sanaa died after birthing them, and the King took his seven daughters as his new brides, sealing them so they would not die as their mother had. From his seven bride-daughters, he had seven children called 'Leviathans'. The Scarlet King's daughters are as follows: A'tivik, A'ghor, A'distat, A'zieb, A'nuht, A'tellif, and A'habbat.

During this time, 'The Scarlet King' and his minions went on an absolute rampage across Creation destroying multiverses, universes, and entire civilizations, as they made their way to the 'Tree of Knowledge' and 'The Libary', to bring about the collapse of their Outerverse, however, this destruction did not go unnoticed as 'The Brother's Death' and many other elder gods joined together to stop 'Khahrahk' and his followers from destroying this Outerverse. Soon the final battle took place outside the 'Tree' and the 'Libary' between the forces of the 'Scarlet King' and the 'Brothers Death'. 041b061a72


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