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Lauren Marie

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This July of 2022 I got scam from bonexcomapany with the logo of globe and its color is yellow. Im sharing this because i want to help to those people/person who has the same experience as me. Frustrated, trauma and scared is what i feel when their gmail said that they will report me to NBI police I got scared because they already know my location and full name. It started when a guy whose name is Lee Suk, he follow my i.g account and then chat me with his sweet tounge I got hooked by his sweet word and then i feel in love, he even brag his wealthy lifestyle and etc that could empress girls, and one time he ask for my personal information because he want to send a gift to me well at first Im against with his offer because i dont need gifts or any material i just want his love but things happen differently when he gets what he want and then he teach me to check my email and confirm those who need to tap at then like i said he has a really sweet tounge that could say u a good response he indeed a scammer and even sent an amount of 7,000php for the shipping in other word for his gift, and i did sent him sa 1,000php because I dont have a money, then thats the start of treating me that they report me in nbi police because they have my personal information and I got really scared, well things well end up soon when I realized that their grammar isnt correct i mean the grammar is really a grammatical error. I am sharing this experience of mine because i have a lesson in this moment of my life and thats to check their grammar and dont get your emotion resurfaced your thinking

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