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Esp Module Grade 9 Ikatlong Markahan.pdf

1. use the module with not write any part of the module.use a separate sheet of paper to answer the exercises.2. do not forget to answer what i know before moving on to the other activities in the module.3. read the instructions carefully before doing each task.4. observe honesty and integrity in doing the tasks and in checking your answers.5. finish the current task before moving on to other exercises.6. please return this module to your teacher or facilitator when you have completed all the exercises.

Esp Module Grade 9 Ikatlong Markahan.pdf

ikatlong (iktl) is a modern art form created and practiced by the women of the gowa people, an ethnic group of indonesia. each ikatlong piece of art is made of a single thread that is woven over and over again to form the design of the piece. the design is held in place by a supporting frame made from locally available hardwoods, like teak or mahogany, and a natural oil is then applied to the frame to protect it. this distinctive style of weaving is fast becoming a prominent art form in the modern indonesian culture. ikatlong is an initiative of espresso learning systems aimed at promoting the importance of the arts in the education system, particularly for girls.

these are modules i have designed and/or created.most of the modules can be downloaded in both pdf and powerpoint versions. if you find that a module is missing, kindly let me know via comment below. i will check it out and add it here. also, if you find any mistakes, please let me know. if you find the content relevant, i would appreciate it if you shared them with friends, family and colleagues. thank you. downloads download all files at once


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