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They set an NBA record by making all 40 of their free throws, the last of those coming on Butler's three-point play with 12.9 seconds left, and rallied in the final moments to beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 112-111.

But a six-point possession gave Miami the lead back. Oladipo made a steal, and Thunder center Eugene Omoruyi was called for a clear-path foul. Oladipo made both free throws, and on the continued Miami possession, Gabe Vincent made a 3-pointer while getting fouled by Mann. Vincent made the free throw, and just like that, a 96-91 deficit was a 97-96 lead.

Alex Honnold is a professional adventure rock climber whose audacious free solo ascents of America's biggest cliffs have made him one of the most recognized and followed climbers in the world. A gifted but hard-working athlete, he is known as much for his humble, self-effacing attitude as he is for the dizzyingly tall cliffs he has climbed without a rope to protect him if he falls. Honnold has been profiled by "60 Minutes" and The New York Times, been featured on the cover of National Geographic, appeared in international television commercials and starred in numerous adventure films, including the Emmy-nominated "Alone on the Wall."

Jimmy Chin is a professional climber, skier, mountaineer, 18-year member of The North Face Athlete Team and National Geographic Explorer. As the director, producer and cinematographer of the National Geographic Documentary Film FREE SOLO, which he co-directed with Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Chin captured rock climber Alex Honnold's nail-biting free solo ascent of Yosemite National Park's El Capitan.

Kristen Ashbaugh-Helmreich lives in Reno, NV and works on the Customer Engagement team at Jimmy Beans Wool; her tasks include social media (Ravelry & Pinterest, yay!) and coordinating the blog, she co-writes the bi-monthly newsletters and designs knitting, sewing and crochet patterns among various other fun tasks. Outside of work, she is the designer behind Marinade Designs (, her own line of knitting patterns that she is hoping to expand in the coming year. When she's not knitting or sewing her own clothes, she is working in her garden, tending to her chickens, cooking up delicious food, doing yoga, or hiking and backpacking with her husband and their feisty little mutt Wallace. Feel free to check out all of Kristen's designs on Ravelry: -ashbaugh-helmreich.

Jimmy Garoppolo seems to be on his way out from the San Francisco 49ers as an unrestricted free agent. Could these five teams make the call?\n","link":"https:\/\/\/news\/local\/5-potential-landing-spots-for-49ers-free-agent-quarterback-jimmy-garoppolo\/3061224\/","date":"February 1, 2023","subtitle":"","sponsor":"","sst_source_id":"","linkout":"","linkout_url":"","syndicated":false,"nationalized":false,"linkout_excerpt_url":"","originating_market":"","content_tag":"","section":"news","subsection":"local","subsubsection":"","all_sections":"newslocalsportsnbcsports","sponsored":false,"contentid":"10063061224","localid":"1:6:3061224","localid_combined":"10063061224","contenttitle":"5 Potential Landing Spots for 49ers Free Agent Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo","contenttype":"article ","syndicatedid":"1:6:3061224","byline_authors":"Sanjesh Singh","sourceid":"","pageName":"local:detail content page","collections":"NBC Sports","uri":"\/news\/local\/5-potential-landing-spots-for-49ers-free-agent-quarterback-jimmy-garoppolo\/3061224\/","uri_length":6,"section_name":"news","detail_section_name":"local","detail_subsection_name":"","this_contenttype":"article ","template":"article - general","this_request_type":"singular","video_collections":[]},"browserTitle":"%s - NBC Chicago","pageType":"article","locale":"en_US","video":"bitrate":50000,"playerType":"articleplayer","fwSSID":"ots_wmaq_news_local","fwSSID_liveNoPre":"ots_live_nopreroll","fwNetworkID":"382114","fwManager":"network":"_live","siteKey":"","config":"volume":100,"htmlPreRoll":true,"htmlOmniture":false,"tremorFlashKey":"52289094b872c","tremorFlashSyndKey":"5239b2feaee2e","tremorHTMLKey":"5239c44e7e9e1","tremorHTMLSyndKey":"5239c4849009","htmlOmniture":false,"pdkPath":"\/assets\/pdk587","plugins":["akamaiHD","FreeWheel","comscore","captions","capcon","liveCaptions","streamsense","chartbeat"],"adobe":"rsid":"nbcuotsdivisiontotal","link_internal_filters":"javascript:,,","weather":"weather_url":"https:\/\/\/weather\/","alerts_url":"https:\/\/\/weather\/severe-weather-alerts\/","closings_url":"https:\/\/\/weather\/school-closings\/","sharethrough_codes":["nP3EagztciAhUuFBbE24BQsi"],"param_zipcode":"","appleStoreUrl":"https:\/\/\/5A516PZ5HcicQeVf9idlnLmEqdAzHrteUpaQzsBej-1JME-sRCG2MtnCKTNvWhASd0pGg-_gi9B2rgasBHiE0g","androidStoreUrl":"https:\/\/\/eX6aeF1srvqKUC7dZ6apzl5KLoEjTszcQMJsV6-2VnHFDLXitVHB6BlL95nuoNYfD4DN9cA_K7isGKodpGGvS5l8CJxmXiSnT2a6eD0vKArKisXa_-l-STrqD68gTM9dU9URwPCGGgbckgWPPtOEDw","facebookAppId":"187516345314"};.hero-background:empty background-image: linear-gradient(to bottom, rgba(0,0,0,0.55) 0%,rgba(0,0,0,0) 20%); "@context":"http:\/\/","@type":"NewsArticle","mainEntityOfPage":"https:\/\/\/news\/local\/5-potential-landing-spots-for-49ers-free-agent-quarterback-jimmy-garoppolo\/3061224\/","headline":"5 Potential Landing Spots for 49ers Free Agent Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo","datePublished":"2023-02-01T20:25:00","dateModified":"2023-02-01T20:25:00","description":"Jimmy Garoppolo seems to be on his way out from the San Francisco 49ers as an unrestricted free agent. Could these five teams make the call?","speakable":"@type":"SpeakableSpecification","cssSelector":[".article-headline",".article-subtitle"],"keywords":"","publisher":"@type":"Organization","name":"NBC Chicago","logo":"@type":"ImageObject","height":60,"url":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/05\/amp_square_wmaq.png","width":160,"image":"@type":"ImageObject","height":675,"url":"https:\/\/\/2023\/02\/jimmy-garoppolo-landing-spots-2023.jpg?quality=85&strip=all&resize=1200%2C675","width":1200,"author":"@type":"Person","name":"Sanjesh Singh"var dfpAdUnits = ;var googletag = googletag ;googletag.cmd = googletag.cmd [];(function() var gads = document.createElement('script');gads.async = true;gads.type = 'text/javascript';var useSSL = 'https:' == document.location.protocol;gads.src = (useSSL ? 'https:' : 'http:') +'//';var node = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];node.parentNode.insertBefore(gads, node);)();var dfpBuiltMappings = , dfpAdUnits = ;if (768

Jimmy Donal Wales (born August 7, 1966), also known on Wikipedia by the pseudonym Jimbo, is an American-British[3] Internet entrepreneur, webmaster, and former financial trader. He is a co-founder of the online non-profit encyclopedia Wikipedia and the for-profit wiki hosting service Fandom (formerly Wikia). He has worked on other online projects, including Bomis, Nupedia, WikiTribune, and WT Social.

The idea was to have thousands of volunteers writing articles for an online encyclopedia in all languages. Initially we found ourselves organizing the work in a very top-down, structured, academic, old-fashioned way. It was no fun for the volunteer writers because we had a lot of academic peer review committees who would criticize articles and give feedback. It was like handing in an essay at grad school, and basically intimidating to participate in.

Originally, Bomis planned to make Wikipedia a profitable business.[33] Sanger initially saw Wikipedia primarily as a tool to aid Nupedia development. Wales feared that, at worst, it might produce "complete rubbish".[19] To the surprise of Sanger and Wales, within a few days of launching, the number of articles on Wikipedia had outgrown that of Nupedia, and a small collective of editors had formed.[18][20] It was Jimmy Wales, along with other people, who came up with the broader idea of an open-source, collaborative encyclopedia that would accept contributions from ordinary people.[34] Initially, neither Sanger nor Wales knew what to expect from the Wikipedia initiative.[19][20] Many of the early contributors to the site were familiar with the model of the free culture movement, and, like Wales, many of them sympathized with the open-source movement.[29]

In a 2004 interview with Slashdot, Wales outlined his vision for Wikipedia: "Imagine a world in which every single person on the planet is given free access to the sum of all human knowledge. That's what we're doing."[56] Although his formal designation is board member and chairman emeritus of the Wikimedia Foundation, Wales's social capital within the Wikipedia community has accorded him a status that has been characterized as benevolent dictator, constitutional monarch and spiritual leader.[57][58][59] In two interviews with The Guardian in 2014, Wales elaborated on his role on Wikipedia. In the first interview, he said that while he "has always rejected" the term "benevolent dictator", he does refer to himself as the "constitutional monarch". In the second, he elaborated on his "constitutional monarch" designation, saying that, like Queen of the United Kingdom Elizabeth II, he has no real power.[1][60] He was also the closest the project had to a spokesperson in its early years.[10] The growth and prominence of Wikipedia made Wales an Internet celebrity.[61] Although he had never traveled outside North America prior to the site's founding, his participation in the Wikipedia project has seen him flying internationally on a near-constant basis as its public face.[10][62]


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