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Bulk Buy Fitness Equipment

Wholesale fitness equipment is less expensive than the equipment found in most exercise or sporting goods stores. It is often sought after for large, high use installations, such as health clubs, commercial gyms, or community centers with many members or users. At American Fitness, we have a wide range of products available at low prices to suit these types of facilities.

bulk buy fitness equipment

If you are looking for wholesale fitness equipment, you might consider our fitness equipment packages. These are combinations of some of our most popular cardio and weight training products, bundled together to save you money. These packages are more economical than the total cost of purchasing and shipping each product separately.

Are you looking for wholesale fitness equipment for your home, or are you looking to outfit a gym in a group or community setting? If it is the latter, you will want to choose from commercial or light commercial grade fitness equipment. This type of equipment is specifically designed to withstand repeated use by a variety of individuals in a group or team training environment. At American Fitness, we specialize in reputable and durable brands of commercial gym equipment known for delivering quality workout experiences. We have a broad selection of cardio and strength training equipment to choose from, as well as a full selection of accessories and gym flooring.

Starting or upgrading a gym or exercise center and need help selecting equipment? Contact us with your exercise needs, an overview of your users, as well as budget and space requirements, and we can help! Just complete our custom quote form to get started!

You can also call us at (281) 972-9267 or email us at If you are local to the Southern California area, you can also stop by our warehouse and view our used exercise equipment in person. Dealers are also welcome to contact us.

Primo Fitness primarily deals in wholesale gym equipment so our warehouse and team are equipped to prepare and ship fitness equipment by the container load. We carefully package each machine to ensure that there are no damages during the shipping process. Our logistics team also has experience dealing with international customs so we know how to appropriately load your container to avoid delays at port.

Many people world over are opting to purchase gym equipment to either install at the residential houses or for commercial purposes. The resurgence in the purchase of gym equipment stems from the realization of the importance of exercising and keeping fit, which reflects on the wholesome general health of an individual.

The secret of purchasing gym items has for a long time, been buying the equipment as a package, at wholesale prices. Wholesale prices are usually at more affordable and considerable rates compared to purchasing items at retail prices.

The wholesale stores have experience and understand the customer needs, and one will be able to be guided and advice on the best deals and ideal gym equipment, whether setting up a new gym or equipping an already existing gym.

Many stores are specializing in wholesale exercise equipment. One store that has maintained a reputable track record and has a history of customer satisfaction is Primo Fitness USA. The firm has all the gym equipment one can dream of, with all the famous and favorite brands represented.

The items available at Primo Fitness USA are at affordable and considerate prices, and one has the option of buying the lesser priced used gym equipment or buying brand new equipment, all at fair prices. Primo Fitness USA has other payment arrangements available for customers when purchasing wholesale home gym equipment. The offers include the Leasing program where the buyer can make monthly payments for the gym equipment upfront.

If you are looking to purchase fitness equipment at a wholesale, then consider checking out the incredible deals available at Primo Fitness USA. The store can also ship the gym equipment to any state in the United States or anywhere else in the world.

As a dealer for multiple manufacturers, while designing and installing new equipment we often have access to used strength and cardio fitness equipment at great discounts. We are happy to pass these bargains onto our customers.

The commonio of cardio is a varsity bar gym and has the capacity to curl up and down according to the type of resistance equipment. Varsity bars the gym doesn't have to be one of the most popular home gym equipment and curl bars.

There are several types of home gym equipment including cardio bungee suction cups, jump rope, curl bars. The cardio workout varies depending on the type of equipment and people's homes. The price of cardio machines varies in quality, colors, and materials.

A dumbell, also known as dumbellells, is the most popular type of dumbelllls, sized cups, are more space-sensitive, and can carry more weight. In terms of the benefits of dumbbells, workouts like dumbbells, and curl bars, are the most popular fitness equipment because of their resistance, and the ability to hold clients' weight down. Other fitness benefits include home use, workouts like dumbbells, and more.

Why would you buy used gym equipment when we can supply you with some of the best new commercial gym equipment on the market for the same price? Our equipment has been used by top gyms in the country for over the last 30 years.

We offer Wholesale Gym Equipment direct from the big brands like Precor, Life Fitness, and Hammer Strength. Over the last 20 years, Gym Pros has become one of the most renown brands in the fitness equipment industry and we pass the savings down to you. It obviously makes a lot more sense to purchase used and certified remanufactured exercise equipment from wholesale distributors as opposed to spending $10K+ for a brand new commercial piece or a lightweight residential version of your favorite Elliptical or Stairmaster.

You can purchase in bulk from Gym Pros for larger discounts on a gym equipment package or you can purchase a single piece. We have great relationships with all the major brands and are able to get wholesale discounts from the top fitness companies like Life Fitness, Precor and Much More:

The square footage and number of projected users make all the difference in the amount of equipment you really need. Generally speaking, the more users and the larger the area, the more units are required.

Several facilities will task their buying department with shopping several vendors arduously piece by piece looking for the best deal. For obvious reasons, buying in bulk will yield the best price point and assist with all things from financing to coordinating on delivery. By leveraging a wholesale fitness equipment supplier like Gym Pros, you are helping the bottom line and quite frankly the experience on your end coordinating with one power-house team as opposed to multiple vendors tracking all of the equipment to your door.

Whether you are a home fitness enthusiast, a personal trainer looking to outfit a home fitness studio or a commercial fitness center, call us today to inquire about our fitness products and your facilities needs. We can match our current inventory or ship factory direct to your facility. White Glove Freight or LTL service available as well as International Shipping. Wholesale Fitness Equipment up to 70% off. Call Gym Pros, equipment wholesalers for package deals today!

BUGE works with leading fitness companies, manufacturers in the fitness equipment industry. Our fitness experts use their experience to guide clients in selecting the best products that meet their fitness needs.

As a leading wholesale fitness equipment supplier, BUGE has an extensive variety of cardio pieces, such as recumbent bikes and stairmasters. We also stock strength pieces such as plate-loaded and selectorized resistance machines and accessories for individuals and athletes.

Our Life Fitness & Hammer Strength wholesale gym package is perfect for most gym facilities, private fitness studios, hotels, an apartment complex fitness, or anywhere wholesale gym equipment is needed.

Want to provide a more focused or intense workout? Our Basic Metal Muscle option gives you everything your members demand to maximize their resistance training activity and routines. Suitable for all fitness levels.

Let us know, and our fitness equipment experts will assess what is needed to provide you with a quote. We can provide bulk orders, so you can get exactly what you need for your facility. We buy entire gyms and pass the savings to our customers, who then enjoy our unique and personal level of service.

With more and more people having to spend their working hours living a sitting at a computer, it means there is more demand than ever for local gyms where they can workout. They are looking for expert advice, personal trainers, a pleasant environment and a variety of equipment they can use. To meet this demand, many people who love staying healthy and helping others to do the same are thinking about opening their own gyms. 041b061a72


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