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In 1996 CHARLES ORSER published A historical archaeology of the modern world. To say that this book has been influential is an understatement; it has been a touchstone for a generation of historical archaeologists. Over the 20 years since its publication, and inspired by it, the field has changed significantly. Orser's ideas have also evolved and, in A primer on modern-world archaeology, he now offers what he calls "an abbreviated reconsideration [...] and [a] full, updated restatement of modern-world archaeology" (pp. v-vi). Central to Orser's approach is his adage that "all modern-world archaeology is historical archaeology, but not all historical archaeology is modern-world archaeology" (p. 20). The distinction lies partly in scale, theoretical orientation and the role afforded to textual sources. Yet most of all, the difference is in ambition: " [t]o understand our present, we must work back into the past to discover the historical roots of our times in order that we might--in the course of these investigations--discover ways to right the wrongs of the past and create a more just, equal world" (p. 20). Those 'wrongs' are manifest today in forms such as social and racial inequality, which are high on the political agenda.

Touchstone Cambridge Classware ((HOT)) Full Version


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