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Buy English Wheel

The "Wheeling Machine" looks simple - and it is, to a point. Many years ago, Kent designed this compact space-saving machine that can be built to very accurate tolerances. Since then we have all seen many "wheeling machines" come onto the market, cheaply. Kent has used most of these machines, and thinks they are much "over-simplified." True, the machine is only a roller on the bottom and a wheel on the top, with a "squisher" mechanism to make the pressure - but some of these things only seem capable of breaking walnuts or pressing out pasta. Smooth sheet metal parts come from a smoothly-operating machine (with some operator skill added in.)

buy english wheel

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Having hardened parts is important, too, as the rolls "spank" the wheel every so often, when the panel is withdrawn under pressure. This spanking dings unhardened tooling, and all of your parts from then on will have marks in them - unless you re-machine your tooling.

If you are building one of our Benchtop English Wheels, you might need this kit. It includes everything needed for construction of the front Lower Assembly. Hand wheel, acme shaft, nut, nut-plate, thrust bearing, pushrod and slider assembly. The precision-cut acme thread with fitted bronze nut provides the finest smoothest turning action, and the best long term durability.All seven parts are fitted into the tube, and once you have it, you only have to align the assembly in the tube, stand it on the frame, and weld on the two side plates. Drill and tap the frame to match the two plates, and then bolt it down.

The kit includes a 12" lower hand wheel, acme shaft, nut, nut-plate, thrust bearing, and pushrod. The precision-cut acme thread with fitted bronze nut provides the finest and smoothest action, with the best long-term durability. All parts are machined and ready to assemble. Our cast-iron handwheel is bolted to the end of the acme shaft and has smooth, fully bushed and supported fly- wheel action for rapid down-drop and lift-up. Easy touch and precise adjustment of any pressure, using the TM vernier scale for exact settings every time. The upper wheel and lower rolls (anvils) are sold separately, allow ing you to source your own or order from us. Our lower rolls can be purchased individually or as a complete set of six.

These end-bearing mount on the top-frame of our Benchtop English Wheel; one at the front, the second at the rear. The machined shaft (shown below) slips though them, allowing the upper wheel to roll smoothly and effortlessly, while delivering massive pressure. Mounting bolts are included. Note: By adjusting the mounting position of the front and rear bearings, you change the pitch of the upper wheel. (This unique feature may not be important to apprentices.)

Most Wheels (English wheels, Irish wheels) today have stub axles. Even Kents Big Wheel does. But it was decided to use the full length shaft, hidden inside the frame, to deliver more force onto the wheel. This shaft runs the entire length of the upper frame of our Benchtop English Wheel and allows for a more stable upper wheel. This is considered the trademark of a quality English Wheel. (This shaft is machined to fit through the end bearings, shown above, and into our nine inch upper wheel.).

Cast iron hand wheel. This part is bolted to the end of the acme. Our handwheel has smooth, fully bushed -and-supported flywheel action for rapid down-drop and lift-up. Positive feel, solid touch, and precise adjustment of any pressure, using the TM Technologies' vernier scale for exact settings, every time..... No More Guessing. .... Period !!

The Big Daddy of English Wheels. Constructed with a massive cast iron frame and featuring an immense 44-inch throat, the 44F Imperial is the toughest English Wheel you can buy. The full set of 3-inch wide lower anvils are included plus choose from a wide selection of optional 2-inch anvil wheels to shape any contour for any job.

Whether you are building full body panels for your muscle car, wheel pants for your aircraft, or flared fenders for your vintage hot rod, the Imperial 44F provides ample working room while allowing you to add the finest detail with finesse. These machines are made in the USA, meticulously hand finished, pinstriped and serial numbered to make a statement in any sheet metal fabrication shop.

With an English wheel in your garage or auto body shop, custom panels for your auto restoration are no stretch. These metal-forming tools are made for crafting purpose-built metal parts that meet your unique specifications. In particular, they are a great for fabricating body panels that aren't available or for when you're building an original hot rod. If you need to add compound curves to wheel wells, trunk lids, nose pieces or quarter panels, the English wheeling machine is the answer.

At Eastwood, you can order English wheels from our own development department or from other top manufacturers such as Woodward Fab. This tool works by using a top rolling wheel and a bottom anvil wheel. When you run sheet metal or 16-gauge steel between the two, it stretches or shrinks the metal based on how you turn it, letting you form any shape you desire. Both wheels can be micro-adjusted so the tool fits your preferences. Some models come with additional anvils for more shaping options.

If your wheel only includes a single anvil, don't fret - you can always get more in our accessory section. An anvil set typically includes several wheels of different sizes to switch out based on the project. Smaller wheels give you a more pronounced profile for fenders and smaller panels, while the larger anvils are better for doors because they shape more gently. Among our other great English wheel accessories is the forming band, which gets more energy to the wheel so you can form metal faster and with more control.

We have a wide selection of metal cutting tools and tools designed to remove material from your project. Check out our quality metalworking bandsaws, metal grinders, metal grinder wheels and metal belt sanders. For projects that could be ruined by exposure to too much heat, choose a slow grinder. Or, shape your metal with a metalworking lathe.

The Crown is the largest in the Imperial line of English wheels with a 38 inch throat for those large metal shaping projects. The Crown comes standard with our quick change cradle set 1",2"3" cradles are included to increase the versatility of the English Wheel from the first day it is put into service. Also standard is our industry first height adjustable legs, slotted and 90 degree indexable upper yolk, and laser cut cradle base with self aligning feature for use with contact flat lower anvils.

What make is that candy red pinstriped English wheel? Who was selling it? I'm curious because it just showed up in my driveway in Kannapolis! Seriously. The exact same machine. The people renting the shop next to mine evidently bought it. It's still on the trailer, waiting to be put in the shop.Mark

The 28-Inch english wheel is designed to allow craftsmen to form smooth curves from flat sheets of metal. They are mainly used in car, motorcycle, aviation and racing car construction or restoration where sheet metal panels need to have compound curves formed.

The operator passes the sheet metal between the anvil wheel and the rolling wheel.This process stretches the material and causes it to become thinner. As the material stretches, it forms a convex surface over the anvil wheel.This heavy duty steel fabricated machine has a large 140mm throat which allows a capacity of 1.2mm for mild steel

The giant throat capacity on this English wheel kit lets you fabricate compound curves on large pieces with ease and efficiency. The wheel kit is also suitable for a variety of other tasks, including shaping, fabrication, and smoothing dents and welding seams in fenders, hoods and trunk panels. The 4 in. welded frame features all steel construction for handling sheet steel to 16 gauge as well as copper and aluminum to 14 gauge. Easy to level and easy to use. 041b061a72


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