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Lauren Marie
Lauren Marie

Monstrous By Art Sapphire

after three years, lord xadirith, the sapphire royalty and the great darkness, finally has a solid design! xadirith is themiddle brother of bazzamul and the ruler of the ether realm. unlike his childish brother, xadirith is a harsh and intimidating individual that lives up to his name.

Monstrous by Art Sapphire

A Dark Triumph vintage watch is a time-honored testament to the past, present and future. Art of Debauchery unites this outstanding condition vintage Hamilton* movement powering our custom Dark Triumph watch with an amazing sterling silver bracelet. The Hamilton Watch Company has been around since 1892. Hamilton produced rugged and precise watches that quickly became a favorite of the railroad industry due to it's accuracy. This substantial one-of-a-kind piece was handmade with an attention to detail and quality rarely seen anymore. From the historically-inspired Skull Crest with piercing blue sapphires to the arch quatrefoil lugs to the trident links and the Relic clasp, it all adds up to a combination that defines the significant rarity of this timepiece: 041b061a72


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