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What is the Kick-Off Bet? 6 Ways to Bet on Kick-Off

The kick-off bet is a type of wager that is not entirely new but often overlooked. This could be because you are not yet a professional bettor. In reality, it is quite simple and is also a way to increase your chances of winning from the bookmaker, which should not be ignored.

What is a Kick-Off Bet?

The kick-off bet, also known as the kick-off wager, is a bet where the player predicts and wagers on which team will kick off the match as soon as the game starts. The result of this bet is known immediately after the referee's whistle blows.

Which team kicks off is not influenced by whether they are playing at home or away, their position in the league standings, or their overall performance or skill level. It is determined purely by chance through a coin toss by the referee.

Because the outcome is decided in such a random manner, this bet is often seen as a "test of luck" for some bettors before they engage in more substantial bets. However, that doesn't mean there is no basis for predicting or winning this bet. The key is knowing where to look and what information to analyze to make an accurate prediction.

How to Enhance Your Betting Strategy

To maximize your betting success, consider incorporating buy soccer tips into your strategy. These tips can provide valuable insights and improve your predictions, making your bets more informed and increasing your chances of winning.

How to Bet on the Kick-Off

Betting on the kick-off is primarily available at online bookmakers. If you don't yet have an account with an online bookmaker, it’s best to choose a reputable one and register.

The kick-off bet takes place before the match starts, as the result is determined right at the kick-off. During the bookmaker's betting window, you need to follow these steps:

Select the team you predict will kick off.

Place your bet and confirm the ticket.

A “Success” message indicates your bet is valid.

Additionally, you should be aware of some key rules:

Once the match starts, the bet becomes void. Therefore, you need to place your bet in time; otherwise, it will be marked as “Invalid Bet.” It’s advisable to place your bet at least 4-5 hours before the match.

If the match is canceled before it starts, your bet will be considered “Invalid,” and your stake will be refunded.

If the match starts but is canceled before the 90 minutes are completed, the bet stands if a result has been determined.

Any changes in venue, schedule, or other critical information will result in the bet being marked as “Invalid.”

To enhance your betting strategy, consider incorporating soccer tips 1x2 . These tips can provide valuable insights and improve your predictions, making your bets more informed and increasing your chances of winning.

How to Calculate Kick-Off Bet?

This betting option offers only two outcomes: Home team or Away team, with a 50/50 chance of winning. However, the odds for each outcome may differ slightly, although the difference is not significant, with the home team usually having lower odds as they often kick off.

The odds set for the betting options are Asian Handicap odds, so the calculation of the bet is relatively straightforward:

Choose the correct team kicking off to win the bet.

Profit = Stake x Odds Ratio (This includes both the stake and the profit).

Choose the wrong team kicking off, and you lose the stake amount.

For example, in a match between Arsenal vs. Manchester United in Round 34 of the Premier League 2021/22 season, with the following odds set by the bookmaker:

Arsenal: Odds ratio is 1.90.

Manchester United: Odds ratio is 2.10.

Suppose you bet $100 on Manchester United. Here are the potential outcomes:

If Arsenal kicks off: You lose $100.

If Manchester United kicks off, and you are correct:

Profit = $100 x 2.10 = $210. This includes $110 profit and the initial $100 stake.

6 Most Effective Betting Tips for the Kick-Off Series Soccer Tips

Many bettors consider this bet as pure luck, but there are strategies to enhance your chances of success. Consider the following tips:

Home-Away Factor: Despite the coin toss, about 60-70% of the time, the home team kicks off. When in doubt, choose the home team.

Review Head-to-Head: Analyze past matchups to determine which team usually kicks off, whether at home or away.

Referee Analysis: Determine which referee will officiate the match and their tendency regarding which team kicks off.

Martingale Strategy: Consider doubling your stake for consecutive bets if you lose, sticking to the same outcome until you win.

Statistical Analysis: Analyze current-season stats to identify teams with a higher ratio of kicking off.

Limitations: Avoid betting on the kick-off when experiencing bad luck and refrain from placing multiple bets or going all-in.

In conclusion, while many bettors view the kick-off as pure chance, applying these 6 tips at a reputable bookmaker ensures favorable outcomes and demonstrates effective betting methods.


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