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Compilation of the Most Attractive Special Betting Types in Football Betting

Special betting types are currently among the most searched keywords by newbies. So let's explore football tips for sunday everything about this most enticing type of bet with Wintips.

What is Special Football Betting?

Special football betting can be understood as a compilation of the hottest types of bets in football betting. This type of bet involves factors such as the number of corner kicks, penalties, yellow cards, throw-ins, etc. However, for newbies, this special type of bet is still a relatively new term. In fact, this type of bet has only been used by bookmakers in recent years. With its highly attractive payout rates, along with relatively new and unique rules of play, special football betting is currently attracting a large number of betting enthusiasts.

The Hottest Special Football Bets Today

After understanding the concept of special football betting, I will continue to provide you with the most popular types of special bets.

Corner Kick Bet

The corner kick bet, also known as the corners bet, is a type of bet where you don't need to be concerned about the outcome of the match. The player's task is simply to predict the total number of corner kicks that are likely to occur in that match. Depending on each match, bookmakers will offer specific forms of corner kick bets. With this simple rule of play, newcomers will find it easy to participate in corner kick betting.

Throw-In Bet

When it comes to special football betting, we certainly cannot overlook the throw-in bet. The throw-in bet offers a variety of popular betting forms such as over/under throw-ins, handicap throw-ins, and first throw-in bets, etc. Each type of bet will have its own rules and different payout rates depending on the bookmaker.

Booking Bet

The booking bet, known as Total Bookings, is based on the number of cards (including yellow and red cards) in a match. Like the corner kick bet, players don't need to care about the match result. Instead, you need to focus on predicting the number of cards the referee will issue in that match. Players only need to rely on the nature, playing style, and starting lineup to analyze. Teams that often play fair are less likely to receive cards. Conversely, teams that play aggressively are more likely to receive bookings.

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Extra Time Betting

Extra time betting is known as one of the top special betting options in the sports betting arena, favored by many gamers. This type of bet depends on the result of extra time (the time played after the official 90 minutes). According to the general rules in football, extra time betting consists of 2 halves, each lasting 15 minutes, with no breaks between halves. Because only evenly matched teams proceed to extra time to determine the winner, this type of bet is extremely intense and attracts a large number of participants.

First and Last Goal Betting

In a football match, there are typically goals scored, with one team scoring first, another scoring last, and sometimes no goals scored at all. Based on this, bookmakers offer suitable betting options to attract bettors. First and last goal betting is also a popular choice among betting enthusiasts. So how do you play? According to experienced football betting analysts, the method is quite simple. You select one of the two teams and predict which team will score the first goal and which team will score the last goal. In the case of an own goal, it will be counted for the opposing team. Remember to understand the principles outlined by Wintips to avoid confusion while playing!

Strategies for Winning Big in Special Betting

Generally, the rules of special betting options are quite simple and easy to understand. However, to win bets in every match, players must accumulate effective betting strategies.

Backing the Strong Team

The strong team is usually considered to have a higher winning rate. However, in football betting, this is not always entirely accurate. Throughout the match, unexpected situations may arise. Therefore, you shouldn't always bet on the strong team but rather assess the specific situation of the match.

Bet on the Underdog

In football, the underdog is often seen as weaker. Therefore, if you notice that the odds between the two teams are not significantly different, it's advisable to bet on the underdog. Or if the bookmaker offers excessively high odds, you should also consider betting on the underdog.


The definition of special betting options and the popular types of bets have been clearly explained by Wintips in the article above. After reading the article, soccer tips website should now understand all these forms, right? Wishing everyone will achieve 5 winning bets from bookmakers and earn super-profitable profits.


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