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Everyday Heroes: The Core Rulebook for Modern d20 Adventures (PDF)

Everyday Heroes RPG: A Modern Action Game for 5th Edition

If you are a fan of the 5th edition of the world's most popular roleplaying game, but you want to try something different from the usual fantasy settings, you might be interested in Everyday Heroes RPG. This is a modern action game that lets you play as soldiers, spies, hackers, inventors, masterminds, and more in a contemporary world full of challenges and opportunities. In this article, we will tell you what Everyday Heroes RPG is, how to get it, and why you should play it.

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What is Everyday Heroes RPG?

Everyday Heroes RPG is a modern-day roleplaying system based on d20 Modern, a game that was released in 2002 as an adaptation of the 3rd edition rules for modern settings. Everyday Heroes RPG is updated by some of d20's original designers, bringing the game into the 5th edition era. It is designed to be compatible with the core rules of the 5th edition game, but with some modifications and additions to suit the modern genre.

A modern adaptation of the 5th edition rules

Everyday Heroes RPG uses the same basic mechanics as the 5th edition game, such as ability scores, skills, saving throws, combat, and magic. However, it also introduces some new elements, such as:

  • Character roles: Instead of classes, characters have roles that define their basic abilities and features. There are six roles to choose from: Agile, Smart, Strong, Tough, Wise, and Wild. Each role has its own progression table and special abilities that can be customized with talents.

  • Backgrounds and occupations: Instead of races, characters have backgrounds that represent their cultural and social origins. There are 12 backgrounds to choose from, such as American, Asian, European, Latino, Middle Eastern, and Native. Each background gives some bonuses to skills and languages. Characters also have occupations that represent their professions and careers. There are 24 occupations to choose from, such as Academic, Athlete, Criminal, Engineer, Journalist, Medic, and Soldier. Each occupation gives some bonuses to skills and equipment.

  • Action points: Characters have a pool of action points that they can spend to perform extra actions or boost their rolls. Action points are regained at the end of each session or when the gamemaster decides.

  • Modern equipment and vehicles: Characters have access to a wide range of modern equipment and vehicles, such as guns, explosives, armor, computers, smartphones, cars, motorcycles, helicopters, and more. The game provides rules for using and maintaining these items, as well as for modifying them with upgrades.

  • Hazards and challenges: Characters face various hazards and challenges in their adventures, such as radiation, disease, hacking, traps, puzzles, social encounters, and more. The game provides rules for dealing with these situations and overcoming them with skills or tools.

A flexible system for creating contemporary characters and adventures

Everyday Heroes RPG allows you to create any kind of character you can imagine in a modern setting. You can mix and match roles, backgrounds, occupations, talents, skills, and equipment to suit your concept and style. You can also customize your character's appearance, personality, motivations, and goals. The game gives you plenty of options and examples to inspire you.

Everyday Heroes RPG also allows you to create any kind of adventure you can imagine in a modern setting. You can choose from various genres and themes, such as action, horror, mystery, sci-fi, superhero, thriller, and more. You can also choose from various settings and locations, such as cities, suburbs, rural areas, wilderness, underground, underwater, space, and more. You can also create your own settings and locations with the help of the game's guidelines and templates. The game gives you plenty of options and examples to inspire you.

A single core rulebook for both players and gamemasters

Everyday Heroes RPG is a complete game that contains everything you need to play in one book. The book is divided into three parts: the Player's Guide, the Gamemaster's Guide, and the Appendices. The Player's Guide covers the rules for creating and playing characters, as well as the basic mechanics of the game. The Gamemaster's Guide covers the rules for creating and running adventures, as well as the advanced mechanics of the game. The Appendices contain additional resources, such as character sheets, equipment lists, vehicle stats, sample characters, sample adventures, and more. The book is designed to be easy to use and reference, with clear explanations, examples, tables, charts, and illustrations.

How to get Everyday Heroes RPG?

Everyday Heroes RPG is available in two formats: PDF and hardcover. You can get either one or both depending on your preference and budget.

The PDF version

The PDF version of Everyday Heroes RPG is a digital file that you can download from the official website of the publisher, . The PDF file is compatible with any device that can read PDF files, such as computers, tablets, smartphones, and e-readers. The PDF file is also searchable and bookmarked for easy navigation. The PDF version costs $19.99 USD.

The hardcover version

The hardcover version of Everyday Heroes RPG is a physical book that you can order from the official website of the publisher, . The hardcover book is printed on high-quality paper with full-color illustrations and a durable binding. The hardcover book is also indexed for easy reference. The hardcover version costs $49.99 USD.

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The quickstart guide

If you want to try Everyday Heroes RPG before buying it, you can download the quickstart guide for free from the official website of the publisher, . The quickstart guide is a PDF file that contains a simplified version of the rules, a pre-generated adventure, and six pre-generated characters. The quickstart guide is designed to give you a taste of what Everyday Heroes RPG is like and how to play it.

Why play Everyday Heroes RPG?

Everyday Heroes RPG is a game that offers many benefits and advantages for both players and gamemasters. Here are some of them:

The benefits of playing in a modern setting

Playing in a modern setting means that you can use your own knowledge and experience of the real world to enhance your roleplaying. You can relate to your character's background, occupation, and motivations more easily, as well as to the challenges and opportunities they face in their adventures. You can also use your own creativity and imagination to add details and flavor to your character and the setting. Playing in a modern setting also means that you can explore relevant and timely issues and themes that affect our society and culture today, such as politics, economics, environment, technology, religion, and more.

The variety of genres and themes to explore

Playing in a modern setting also means that you can choose from a wide range of genres and themes to suit your preferences and interests. You can play in a realistic or cinematic style, in a gritty or heroic tone, in a serious or humorous mood. You can also mix and match different genres and themes to create your own unique flavor. Some examples of genres and themes you can explore are:

  • Action: You can play as agents, soldiers, cops, mercenaries, or vigilantes who fight against criminals, terrorists, corrupt organizations, or rogue states in thrilling missions and chases.

  • Horror: You can play as survivors, investigators, hunters, or victims who face supernatural threats, such as zombies, vampires, werewolves, ghosts, demons, or cults in terrifying scenarios and encounters.

Mystery: You can play as detectives, journalists, lawyers, or amateurs who solve puzzles,


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