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Theodore Baker
Theodore Baker

Powermenu 1 3 0 _VERIFIED_

As part of a site I'm trying to design I have a div with the id "powersettings" when clicked it toggles a div with the id "powermenu" and toggles the class "blur" on my "content" div and "tab a"s, this is all done successfully.

Powermenu 1 3 0

I'm trying to make my "tab a"s unbind(click) when "powersettings" is clicked, this is successful. However I want it to bind(click) when "powersettings" is clicked again to close the "powermenu"...can anyone tell me how to do this?

How it works: as you are toggling #powermenu's visibility ($("#powermenu").toggle();) on #powersettings' click ($("#powersettings").click(function () {...). You seem to want to #tab a's clicks have no effect while #powermenu is hidden. This code does that.


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