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Buy Waldstein Piano

A beautifully built piano from Pearl River which would be suitable for pianists who are just starting out to much more accomplished musicians. It is compact and would be ideal in most homes. A super instrument with a lovely gloss finish and good feel through the keys. It is available to buy or rent.

buy waldstein piano

Introduction. The Waldstein name is owned by the excellent Pearl River company. They have been building pianos for over 60 years and are the largest piano manufactorer in China, producing 100,000 pianos a year. They own many piano brands from around the world and even build pianos for other companies such as Yamaha.

The Piano. This piano we have in stock is a really lovely instrument built in 2002, it is in excellent condition with a beautiful high gloss finish. It is a lovely simple modern design and being compact will sit easily is most homes. Unusually for a piano of this size it sits on casters making it easier to move should you wish to do that. The tone is very pleasing not too bright or too mellow, just a good clear sound. The action and feel through the keys is lovely and precise. It has had moderate use and has been beautifully maintained. This is a good piano which would be ideal for pianists just starting on their piano journey up to around the grade 7 level. It has the usual 3 pedals, 88 key keyboard, spruce soundboard and with brass fittings.

Purchase Options. We are offering this piano for sale at 2400 which includes delivery, an adjustable stool, first tuning and a 3 year warranty. It is also possible to spread payment over 12 months interest free.

Rental Option. This piano is available to rent. The initial contract is 6 months. Delivery is 150 and the monthly rent is 70. At the end of the 6 months there is the option to buy, continue renting or return the piano at no further cost. If the option to buy is taken, the delivery charge and the 6 months rent is then taken off price of the piano. All you have to do is simply pay off the balance. If you wish, it is possible to spread that payment for up to 12 months, all interest free!

Accessories. We have a collection of accessories which we hope will enhance your piano playing experience. There are caster cups which offer protection to your floors, a carpet to protect your piano from underfloor heating, lamps, polishes and cloths.

Additionally. To gather more information about this and other pianos as well as other useful tips, there is lots of information elsewhere on this website. Have a read of our blogs, there is information on how to care for your piano and also tips on how to improve your playing. Do visit other pages to see our other pianos.

Pianos wanted. We buy secondhand, used grand and upright pianos. We are especially looking for all models of Steinway, Bluthner, Yamaha, Bosendorfer, Bechstein, Fazioli, Knight. Contact us by phoning 01865 240634 or email us at:

The last of our Waldsteins is also, hands down, the most orchestral in sound. That is due in part to the excellent fingers and aural imagination of Olga Pashchenko but also to her instrument: a Viennese by Conrad Graf from 1824, held at the Beethovenhaus in Bonn, which dates from one of the more extravagant periods of piano manufacture and has, among other features, five pedals. The qualities of this piano, which can sound so exotic to us, were in fact typical of the instruments Beethoven knew and loved.

Musician's or Publisher's Notes Ludwig van Beethoven's Piano Sonata No. 21 in C major, commonly known as the Waldstein, is regarded as on the three great piano sonatas of his middle period, alongside the Appasionata and Les Adieux sonatas.The work was completed in 1804 during what is known as Beethoven's "Heroic" decade (1803-1812). It surpasses his previous sonatas in terms of scope and technique, setting the stage for Beethoven's later piano sonatas as well as for the rest of the century. The work is dedicated to Count Ferdinand Ernst Gabriel von Waldstein of Vienna, both a patron and close friend of Beethoven, thus giving the work its title. In Italy, the sonata is also known by the name "L'Aurora" (The Dawn) because of the opening of the third movement. The Waldstein surpasses Beethoven's previous sonatas in both depth and scope. The first movement marks the beginning of expansive musical development in the piano sonatas much in the same way the Eroica Symphony heralded the innovations of the later symphonies. Indeed, the Waldstein not only set the tone for Beethoven's later piano sonatas, but also for the composers that would follow him. One has only to look at the extensive development in the sonatas of Johannes Brahms, for example, to see the lasting impact of Beethoven's music. 041b061a72


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