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Where To Buy Eylure Lashes

During their time in the industry, the pair seemingly discovered a niche in the market; and in their search to provide high-class and high-quality products, the Eylure false eyelash was born. David came up with the initial concept as he had learnt how to make wigs before the war, and he proceeded to teach Eric how to make them. Eric came up with an even easier method to create the lashes, and after undergoing several experiments, he finally discovered the most effective creation technique. You can read about this method in more detail below.

where to buy eylure lashes


Beauty standards have become so high over the past few years, and it's not hard to understand why. The question on many people's lips is: are these ethical? Well, fear not, Eylure has got you covered. Eylure's products are not tested on animals. The brand is Cruelty-Free. However, just be aware that the lashes are 100% vegan, but at this moment in time, some of their other products are not.

As well as having endless eyelash products, Eylure also understands the importance of having flawless brows. We also stock the whole Eylure Brow Bar range, including the Eylure Brush & Wand Brow Duo, stencils, brow palettes, crayons, pencils, pomades, and much more. There is a wide range of luxury collections to be found housed underneath the Eylure name. Some of these include the new, neat, and innovatively designed pre-glued and prepped lashes that can last for up to fifteen hours. It seems there is no end to the creations that Eylure brings to the table, and they genuinely have made false eyelashes highly accessible and easy to use. Okay, you may be completely new to Eylure and have no idea where to start. So we've done a little research on our top 3 best sellers for Eylure, which may provide you with some help! Put together with some reviews from our trustworthy falsie fans, without further ado, our best Eylure sellers:

The hint is in the name with these lashes. They are so fluttery and lightweight on your eyes, 117 are just beautiful lashes. They will create such a classic look, leaving your lashes looking wispy and outstanding. They come in a pack of 3, with each pair being of incredible quality and reusable. Win Win!

OK, so similar to the first best seller, but these soft lashes are a 3/4 length fit, which provide a natural look, that can be worked with to create a bolder, more daring makeup look. These lashes are the perfect day to night product. If you want to make your eyes really pop, then look no further.

I really love these lashes. They are very natural looking and I like that they are shorter just to lengthen the outer corners more. This is the best price I've seen for such quick shipping. Would definitely repurchase. Emma

If you want the perfect lash to give your eyes more volume, look no further. These lashes are definitely the most popular amongst the Eylure Volume range and its easy to see why. The lashes are so easy to wear, and well and truly complete any makeup look.

With hundred of 5-star reviews, Eylure is a well-loved brand by many, and many false eyelash devotees won't use anything but Eylure. Get your now from our online store right here, and flutter your lashes in style. See below some more reviews from out happy customers:

I purchased these for my wedding in July. I tried this range at my make up trial and they were both natural looking and comfortable to wear. The petite lashes were recommended by a friend. Irene

Eylure Lashes are designed to create definition. But there are a few things that you can do to make a better and longer-lasting effect. Just have a look. There are a lot of cool looks that can be achieved with the appropriate placement of lashes. You can choose colourful lashes that are vibrant and stand out from the crowds, or you can also place individual lashes to create a quirky and alternative look. Bold styles created by adding feather lashes and feline-like strip lashes can be perfect for the party or festival look, or even if you feel like giving yourself a boost.

With products starting from as little as 4.95, you can take a look at our hugely popular Eylure lashes collection now and see for yourself just why this brand is so well-liked. Our popular choice with our loyal customers is the Eylure Dybrow permanent tint for brows.

Eylure have been at the forefront of false eyelash design for over 70 years, providing a unique style for every occasion. With an impressive, iconic collection and expressive new innovations including fake eyelashes, brow tints & eyelash glue, you&...

Whether you fancy your lashes to look wispy, fluffy, or so long and full they almost touch your brows, falsies are the ultimate ticket to turning up your look a few notches. Forget the dreaded smudging, flaking, or fallout you get from certain mascaras; once applied, fake lashes stay put and look amazing until it's time to take them off.

The Sephora Collection Vegan False Eyelashes are a line of six reusable vegan false lashes in a different assortment of styles. Pictured here is the style Fringe, a full lash that features wispy hairs that add overall thickness and volume to your lashes.

First-timer? Try Glamnetic's Magnetic Half Lashes. These fool-proof lashes feature a trimmable band with magnet technology for a glue-free, mess-free look. It's a shorter lash that really brings attention to any eye look. Just don't forget to keep in mind you'll need a magnetic liner to apply these.

The Kiss Falscara Eyelash Starter Kit comes with lashes, tweezers, and a dual-ended bond and seal. The lashes themselves come in three different options: Lengthening (shown above), Volumizing, and Lifting. They have slightly different appearances but are still subtle enough to look natural.

First, Jenna Lyons revolutionized the way we dress; now, she's changing our falsie game for the better, of course. Her brand LoveSeen touts handmade lashes made of nylon and come in different styles and colors. Here is Axel in brown/black, but there's also an option available in light brown for a more subtle approach.

"Call me old-fashioned, but I still love Ardell lashes the best," says Los Angeles-based makeup artist Katie Mellinger. And her reason's why are pretty valid. "They're reasonably priced and cruelty-free, so they're appropriate for everyone, including my ethically-minded vegan clients," she adds. They also come in a huge variety of styles, but when you're using the Ardell Individual DuraLash, you're able to customize them based on individual eye shape and natural lashes.

Whether you're a pro at applying your false lashes, or still a newbie, this handy tool is here to help! The rose gold-toned applicator has a tension-free grip, allowing you to apply the lashes close to your lash line for expert-looking results. It comes with a pretty pink butterfly-print pouch for safe and hygienic storage when not in use.

Handmade in collaboration with inspirational breast cancer survivor Codilia Gapare, the subtle, wearable Eylure C-Lash false eyelashes mimic the look of natural lashes. Created especially for people that have lost their natural ones, the false eyelashes are equipped with an invisible adhesive band, that works to improve the stability and balance of the falsies.

Quick and effortless, the band works to minimise the time it takes to apply the false eyelashes, while encouraging longevity and security. The fluttery style is ultra-lightweight on the lids and can be re-used up to five times.

Ardell Demi Wispies Multipack Best-selling lashes now in a multi pack, the Ardell Demi Wispies Lash Multi Pack contains 4 pairs of Demi Wispies lashes. Taking comfort to a new level, Ardell Demi Wispies are perfect for all eye types. Made from 100% premium human hair, knotted and feathered by...

Ardell Double Up 207 Twice the amount of lashes for a dramatic look! The best way to create thicker lashes, Ardell Double Up 207 has double layers to add amazing volume and fullness for drama and definition. Made from 100% premium sterilized human hair, each lash strip is feathered and...

*NEW* Your favorite lashes are now in a Double Up! The Double Up Wispies create that stacked look we all love, effortlessly! The Ardell Wispies are one of Ardell's best selling lashes for a reason. They are a universally flattering lash that adds volume and definition in a fun, flirty,...

I have passed on your information to all the moms on the Riverton High School Drill Team. We use your lashes at every performance and competition. You are so great to work with and always have the items I need.

I really am so pleased with your products and selection. I'm someone who buys lashes from all different brands including high end but these are amazing. I've been telling everyone about them and your great service. Thank you again!

I had to write and let you know how happy I am with my order. My eyelashes came a few days ago and i was so pleased, they were just what I ordered. I made a mistake when I placed my order, but I emailed you and you answered right away and said you had corrected my order. I was still worried I wouldn't get what I wanted, but true to your word they were. I'm ordering more and I have told everyone I know that wears eyelashes about your company. Great product and great customer service. Thanks again!

I received my lashes today, all in perfect condition, and in such a short time! I feel like they came so fast and in time for the weekend :smile: I will definitely be purchasing more from the website soon and spreading the word about my wonderful experience. Thank you again! 041b061a72


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