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Buy Tickets To Palace Of Versailles

With the skip the line ticket, you will enter the palace via a dedicated entrance, Gate B, thus saving you anywhere between 30-60 minutes. Yes, the palace is that popular. This ticket gives you access to the Castle, Carrosses Gallery, Park & Gardens (even on show days).

buy tickets to palace of versailles

Explore the Palace of Versailles in the company of a guide who will not only take you through the many halls and rooms of this grand palace; but also serve as a historian, a story-teller and secret-keeper of the Palace of Versailles.

Looking at your options to travel from Paris to Versailles? How about taking an all inclusive tour of the palace that includes pick-up and drop from the city center? These round trip tours will pick you up from Paris city center, help you explore the palace in the company of a guide before dropping you back in the city.

While all tickets come with an audio guide, having an expert guide by your side will make your visit to the Versailles Palace all the more meaningful. Opt for a guided tour and navigate the vast royal estate with a local historian as your guide as you learn stories and lesser-known facts about the palace.

Use Entrance A (to the left of the Honor Courtyard) if you have purchased individual Versailles Palace tickets online. If you do not have tickets when you arrive, you will have to line up at the ticket counter which could take anything between 30-60 minutes and then go through Entrance A for security check.

If you have booked a guided tour or if you hold a skip-the-line ticket, your host will escort you through Entrance B of the palace (to the right of the Honor Courtyard). This is the quickest way to access the Palace. Your Versailles Skip-the-Line Tour tickets will allow you to skip the long entry line and be escorted through a dedicated entrance, saving you up to 3 hours of waiting.

Entrance H of the Palace is reserved for disabled access. You can present your proof of disability documents for free parking in the honor courtyard, and then use the access ramp to enter the palace.

You can skip past long ticket queues with the skip-the-line Palace of Versailles tickets or with a guided tour pass. Your host will exchange your mobile voucher for a physical ticket and then escort you through Entrance B of the Versailles Palace. While purchasing Versailles tickets on-site requires you to queue in two lines, the ticket box office and the entry lines, your skip the line tickets allows you to bypass both.

Download our Palace of Versailles guide to uncover the secrets of the most famous of all French palaces. In this guide, we will help you discover the finer intricacies of the royal palace and how to enjoy all that it has to offer without getting overwhelmed by the wealth of its many attractions.

The Versailles Gardens were created out of the marshes that covered the hunting grounds of Versailles. André Le Nôtre, a famous French gardener, designed and conceived a series of gardens, groves, and parks for the palace by taming and leveling the surrounding woods. A testimony of French design and detailing, the gardens are marked by ornate fountains, exquisite sculptures, parterres and groves with a canal in the forefront, offering a spectacular sight. All these elements of these incredible gardens come alive during the musical shows, to the rhythm of French Baroque music and dramatic lighting effects.

Standard admission tickets do not include access to the gardens and fountains. You will need to purchase the Passport ticket, with which you will be able to visit the entire estate, including the palace, the gardens and the fountain shows.

A. It depends on the Palace of Versailles ticket you choose to book. While some tickets offer a full refund on canceling tickets up to 48-72 hours in advance, for others there may be no refund available on cancelation. Please check before you make your reservation.

A. Ticket options available for visiting the Palace of Versailles are standard admission tickets with multilingual audioguides, skip the line tickets to the palace and gardens, guided tours as well as the Versailles Passport ticket that allows you access to all parts of the Versailles Palace.

A. Yes, you can skip the long ticket lines with these Palace of Versailles tickets. The ticket purchase line at the Versailles can be anywhere between 45-90 minutes long. We recommend you purchase your tickets in advance so that you can skip these lines and head straight to the security at the time of your visit.

A. Yes, tickets for the Palace and the Gardens are separate. Standard admission tickets do not include access to the gardens and fountains. However, with the Passport ticket, you will be able to visit the entire estate, including the palace, the gardens and the fountain shows.

To access the Palace, all visitors must book a time slot. Due to the high number of visitors, admission to the Palace within half an hour of the booked time slot can only be guaranteed for tickets purchased online.

This ticket guarantees access to the palace of Versailles and to the exhibition "Louis XV, passions of a king". Book online and enter to the... Read more This ticket guarantees access to the palace of Versailles and to the exhibition "Louis XV, passions of a king". Book online and enter to the Palace in the half hour following the chosen time.

With the exception of the discounted Palace ticket, you can buy all these tickets online. You can buy all the tickets on site, at the Palace ticket office in the South Ministers' Wing (on the left of the Honour Courtyard).

Visitors to the Palace must book in advance and select a specific time slot. We highly recommend that visitors pre-book their tickets online. Once you have booked your ticket online and printed it, go directly with your ticket to Entrance A of the Palace.

Where you need to go to buy tickets in person will depend on what type of ticket you want, as there are different ticket desks for the palace and the Estate of Trianon. Palace and Passport tickets are bought on the left side of the Honour Courtyard, while tickets for the Trianon are bought at the Grand or the Petit Trianon. Guided tours are booked separately on the right side of the Honour Courtyard.

Those looking to get more out of their experience at the palace should consider booking a guided tour of the Palace of Versailles. Visitors who choose this option will spend their time touring the Palace of Versailles as an expert guide takes them through the history and subtleties of the impressive palace.

Opening hours for the Palace of Versailles vary for different parts of the palace complex but are also set differently for high season and low season. High season runs from April 1 to October 31, while low season runs from November 1 to March 31. The palace park and gardens are open daily throughout the year except in exceptional weather, while the palace and Estate of Trianon are closed Mondays and on January 1, May 1, and December 25.

Because the Palace of Versailles is such a major attraction, there are better times than others to visit to avoid being surrounded by crowds of fellow tourists. But there are also outdoor areas of the palace to be explored, meaning you also will want pleasant outdoor weather during your time there.

For a quieter experience, the best time of day to visit the palace is first thing in the morning or in the late afternoon, although that will be easier in high season when the estate is open later. As for the best day of the week to visit, Wednesday and Thursday are usually the best bet as weekends get busy and most museums are closed on Tuesday, leaving the palace one of the few major attractions open.

Tickets for the Palace of Versailles are designed to give visitors the freedom to choose what parts of the palace they wish to explore. The different types of ticket available are based on combinations of attractions within the palace complex, so visitors will need to decide what they wish to see before they book. Tickets purchased online can be shown either as a printed copy or on your smartphone.

The most common type of ticket is the Passport, a ticket that provides access to everywhere within the palace estate. This includes the incredible Hall of Mirrors in the Palace of Versailles, as well as the Estate of Trianon, the Gardens, the Park, and any temporary exhibitions. Entry to the palace is based on a scheduling system, and visitors will need to select a time slot for their visit to this part of the palace complex.

There are also special tickets available that include one with full access to the palace estate plus an equestrian show and one with full access to the palace estate plus a gourmet meal at La Petite Venise restaurant.

There are various items not permitted to be brought inside the palace. These include animals, food and drink, tripods, selfie sticks, drones, and metal-framed prams and buggies. Baby carriers without metal frames are permitted.

Visitors will normally find a left luggage service at the palace where luggage and large items can be temporarily stored. However, the left luggage service is currently suspended due to COVID-19 health measures.

Throughout the year, the Palace of Versailles hosts a variety of special exhibitions, events, shows, and concerts. Concerts include operas and orchestral works. During July and August, the palace hosts regular weekend performances by the Equestrian Academy of Versailles.

The palace is known for being pretty large. Whether you judge it on its 2,300 rooms or the 8.2 km area of the palace and grounds, it's fair to say King Louis XIV wasn't going for subtle and understated when he completed Château de Versailles.

The only weekday on which the Palace of Versailles is closed to the public is Monday. You can experience the opulence of the famous Château from Tuesday to Sunday. If you'd simply like to stroll around the grounds, the Palace's park is open every day. Typically, the busiest day at the palace is Tuesday and the least busy is Thursday, although there isn't a quiet day. 041b061a72


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