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[S4E4] Quintuplets 2000

"Quintuplets 2000" (also known as "Contorting Quintuplets 2000" in some syndicated markets and "Quintuplets" on the South Park Studios website) is the fourth episode of the fourth season of the American animated television series South Park, and the 52nd episode of the series overall. In production order, this is the 3rd episode of Season 4. It was originally broadcast on April 26, 2000. The episode is based on the Dionne quintuplets and the then-recent Elián González affair, the case of a Cuban-born child who had been taken by federal authorities four days before the episode aired.[1][2][3]

[S4E4] Quintuplets 2000

After watching Cirque Du Cheville (a "Cirque du Soleil" parody) and liking the performance of quintuplets from the show in particular, the boys hope to make a new performance artist style circus. The boys, however, think Kenny needs to learn how to sing first. Meanwhile, the Romanian contorting quintuplets from the show, along with their grandmother, try to escape from the Romanian government hoping to bring them back. The five end up at the Marsh house, asking for shelter. Meanwhile, Kenny learns to sing opera through a fictional For Dummies installment, which features "Con te partirò" by Andrea Bocelli. At the Marsh house, Grandpa Marsh and the quints' grandmother (using her own contortion skills) have sex.

As explained in the FAQ section on the official website, "When the year 2000 was coming up, everyone and their brother had '2000' in the titles of their products and TV shows. America was obsessed with 2000, so Trey Parker put '2000' in the titles to make fun of the ubiquity of the phrase."[4] Originally, the plot involved returning the quintuplets and Kenny to their respective countries, but shortly after Elian Gonzalez was taken from his Miami relatives' home the Saturday before Easter 2000, April 22, Parker and Stone quickly changed the plot so that it would look exactly like the Miami raid.

After the boys watch a French-Canadian circus named Cirque Du Cheville, they decide to form their own performing circus - mainly inspired by the amazing tricks executed by the Quintuplets. After a couple of practice sessions, the boys think Kenny McCormick needs to learn how to sing better. Meanwhile, the quintuplets from the show, along with their grandmother, try to escape from the Romanian government. After eluding them, they turn up at the Marsh Residence and ask for shelter. Kenny tries to learn opera via audiotapes and during the night, Marvin Marsh and the Quintuplets' grandmother meet and have sex.

After finding the grandmother died from the sex, Randy Marsh tells the Quintuplets that their grandmother has died. Stan, Cartman, and Kyle persuade Randy to let them stay so they could use them for their circus. They planned to perform contortions in only their underpants with the Quintuplets. The boys then decide to show the girls how great America is, hoping they would stay and do their circus. Meanwhile, the Romanian government seeks Janet Reno to help get the Quintuplets back. Also, seeking to get to Romania for opera singing training, Kenny sings the aria "La donna è mobile" from Verdi's Rigoletto for money in order to acquire transport for him and his mother. In Romania, Kenny becomes a famous opera singer, and, after his mother realizes that her little money from the US makes them rich in Romania, the two decide to stay. Meanwhile, the Marsh house is surrounded by protesters, hoping to let the Quintuplets stay. In a parody of the Elian Gonzalez affair, Reno dresses as the Easter Bunny and armed with a gun, she kidnaps the Quintuplets. Stan, Kyle, and Cartman, who do not want to lose their circus, enlist the help of the protesters outside to get them back. Violence ensues between the protesters and government soldiers. Until it is stopped by the quintuplets who chide all the groups on their shortcomings: America, for only wanting them for money, Janet Reno for doing it for her own publicity, the Romanian government for being selfish and wanting them for recognition, their father for pretending as he missed them forever when he actually walked out on them five years ago, and the boys for their ignorance about Romanian culture and their ideas about American superiority and for only wanting them for their circus show. They then leave South Park to go on The Oprah Winfrey Show and start a press tour.

(Randy breaks it to the quintuplets that their grandma died)Randy: Everyone who has a grandma, step forward.(Stan, Cartman, Kenny and quintuplets step forward)Randy: Not so fast, girls.

Matt, Ian & Joe are back for another edition of Suck My Balls a South Park Review. On this week's episode the boys review quintuplets 2000. After visiting cirque de cheville, the boys decide they want to start their own circus. As fate would have it, grandpa marsh plows the quintuplets grandma into death's arms and now they have there Act. Kenny's singing abilities isn't up to the liking of Stan, Kyle & Cartman, So kenny sets off on a musical journey that sends him into Romania SuperStardom. The guys also break down "What Did Kenny", Trivia, Pop Culture, and our favorite moments. Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!!!

The boys are doing their version of the Helen Keller Story and plan to beat the kindergartners show. Timmy stars as Helen Keller and gets a new friend to play with! Fireworks, fountains, and outstanding musicals galore! Air Date : 22nd-Nov-2000

The tooth fairy has visited Cartman, leaving him two dollars. He rushes to the bus stop to share his news with the others. He then unveils his latest plan. If all they all combined their lost teeth, the tooth fairy will provide them with enough cash to purchase a Sega Dreamcast. They soon find out that they are treading on someone else's territory. Now they have to work with the mobsters to keep their manhood. Air Date : 5th-Apr-2000 Read More

The kids have just won a sledding race. Token says that the only reason they won is because of Eric's fat ass. The girls challenge the boys to a sledding race down Phil Collins Hill. Token says that the boys can't lose thanks to Eric's fat ass. Eric then tosses a rock into the side of Token's head. The FBI claim that this was a hate crime and Cartman is sent to jail. Can the other boys bust Cartman out in time for the big race? Air Date : 12th-Apr-2000 Read More

There's something wrong with new student Timmy. About the only thing Timmy can do is say his name. Ignorant of the fact that Timmy is "retarded", he is "diagnosed" with ADD, which relieves him of the responsibility to do any homework. Soon the rest of the class manages to get diagnosed with ADD, and all get prescribed Ritalin. Everyone is on Ritalin and just complacent enough to sit through a Phil Collins show. Air Date : 19th-Apr-2000 Read More

The boys discover 8-year-old contorting quintuplets from Romania. Cartman decides to stage his own performance. The quintuplets and their grandmother defect from Romania and wind up staying at the Marsh's home. Thanks to Grandpa Marsh the girls' grandmother gets "loved to death." The girl's father is brought in by the Romanian government to demand his daughters back, Janet Reno to the rescue! Air Date : 26th-Apr-2000 Read More

Cartman decides to seek the friendship of older men. Using the Internet, he makes a connection with men who love to hang out with little boys. An organization called NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Love Association) holds a meeting in South Park and Cartman becomes their poster child. The boys learn how much an adult can really love a child. Air Date : 21st-Jun-2000 Read More

Kyle needs a kidney transplant and Cartman is a perfect donor. Cartman has a $10 million price for his kidney. The other boys go to Cartman's house with the plan to take one of his kidneys. Cartman thwarts their plan. Stan, depressed about the inevitable loss of his friend decides to take action into his own hands and with the help of the parents gets Cartman's kidney for Kyle. Air Date : 28th-Jun-2000 Read More

Chef is declaring that South Park's flag is racist. Stan & Kyle head up the team championing the current flag, while Wendy and Cartman head up the side for a new flag. Wendy ends up confessing to Bebe of her attraction to Cartman. The debate starts, but before Wendy can make her point, she kisses Cartman to regain her composure. Chef realizes that Stan & Kyle's point of view on the flag issue was colorblind. Air Date : 5th-Jul-2000 Read More

"Fingerbang" is the latest boy band starring the four boys. Randy Marsh is against Stan's participation in any boy band for dark reasons. The boys land a gig at the local mall when it is threatened because there are only 4 members in the band. Stan arrives and the group is set to perform when suddenly the mall elevator tragically crushes Kenny. A former boy band member steps into the spotlight to save the gig. Air Date : 12th-Jul-2000 Read More

The boys attend church and the priest puts the fear of hell in them. They must go to Sunday school and learn that they must confess their sins. The boys are worried about Timmy, after all, he can only say his name. Feeling the need to confess their sins they catch the priest in a compromising position and decide to save themselves. Air Date : 19th-Jul-2000 Read More

Cartman preaches and the children begin plans to build a church. Satan spends the night with Saddam. Kenny wasn't killed in the previous episode, but the bus that ran him over stops in Mexico, where Kenny is found. Satan, in his time of crisis turns to God for advice. Cartman is discovered as a fraud and is sent to Mexico for punishment. Air Date : 26th-Jul-2000 Read More

The kids have to face the 4th grade, and they're not too happy about it. Cartman cooks up a scheme to go back in time to return to the 3rd grade where things were fun and easy. Two geeks help them rig Timmy's wheelchair into a working time machine and send Timmy on the trip of his life! Air Date : 8th-Nov-2000 Read More 041b061a72


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