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Theodore Baker

Lupin III: The First - Where and How to Watch the 3D Animated Masterpiece with English Subtitles

why: perhaps the best episode of the series for those who don't like the one-note template the rest of the first movie followed. in this story, lupin helps a rich girl (fujiko) get out of a dangerous situation by means of a crash landing. in his return home, the craft is also used to thwart a terrorist's attack. the story was written by the original lupin author, monkey punch, and features some of his best artwork. this is a nice break from the usual series formula.

lupin the third movie english sub download

what it is: literally every movie in this series is stolen, including lupin and final showdown. lupin (lupin iii) is now an agent with the interpol criminal police organization. although he's played an important role in the original comics and the show's opening titles, he's relegated to the third act for this one. along with goemon, he goes on a mission to locate and recover a number of stolen works of art by leonardo da vinci.

why: lupin iii, a man of intrigue who never gets caught, is an excellent, often overlooked example of his type of character. in a very simple way, the secret that drives lupin is simple: lupin likes to rob, and he likes his money so much he'll do whatever it takes to get it. aside from that, it's a bit anticlimactic.

what it is: the super-famous thief, lupin, faces the supreme challenge of his careerhe must steal the most valuable treasure the world has ever seen. once it's in his possession, he faces an even greater challenge to get it back. as the story begins, lupin has managed to steal an ancient persian treasure known as the eye of the gods. but the thief is now being hunted by a group of assassins from a secretive, elite organization known as the black organization. and the time has come for lupin to confront the organization's leader and face the ultimate test of his courage. the black organization needs to be defeated before they can get their hands on the precious treasure.


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