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Things Only Marvel Comics Fans Know

His staggering success in other media like movies and TV shows leans heavily on his storied comic book history, but much remains untapped in other media, including other characters with his powers like Silk. With his MCU future bright, more and more aspects from his comic book past likely make it to the screen in the near future.

Ditko's comments on Spider-Man's costume come from In Search of Steve Ditko, a BBCFour documentary. In that same documentary, Stan Lee hedged on calling Ditko a co-creator of Spider-Man as he says he had the original idea. Spider-Man's creation becomes more complicated thanks to Jack Kirby also claiming credit.

Mary Jane properly debuts in The Amazing Spider-Man #42, in an all-time iconic comic book panel. The comics hint at her existence years before this, with Aunt May trying to set him up on dates with her going back to her first mention in The Amazing Spider-Man #15.

Spider-Man's relationship with Mary Jane unfolded over decades not only in the comics but in the highly successful daily comic strip that ran from 1977 to 2019. Spider-Man and Mary Jane married in the comic strip, which took place in a separate continuity from the comics. This led Marvel Comics to wed the two in mainstream continuity in The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #21.

The Clone Saga from the 1990s remains controversial with fans for a meandering plot that simply piled twists on confusing twists. Longtime Spider-Man fans know that the storyline actually derives from an earlier story in the 1970s that introduced both Spider-Man's clone, Ben Reilly, and a clone of Gwen Stacy.

Marvel Comics fans know Spider-Man generally avoids violence if he can and has a strong moral code. This prevents him from killing or even severely injuring villains even when circumstances may warrant it. A shocking moment from the 1980s made him a killer, though it wasn't entirely his fault.

Peter and Cindy share more than just powers. Their mutual Spider-Sense creates an overwhelming connection and attraction between them whenever they're close. This likely plays out in live-action when she eventually appears as she's likely to in the near future.


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