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OMEGA's Hometown

As a child during the tragic event in his hometown in Neet, he wears a modern type of outfit; he wears a brown winter jacket with a white high-neck undershirt, dark green pants and black shoes. He is not wearing his headband.

OMEGA's Hometown

Shana then asks Dart why he left Seles for so long. Dart reveals he was searching for the Black Monster who destroyed his hometown Neet. His mother and father left him to help the village, resulting in their deaths. When Dart came to the village all he found was his father's precious memento.

The party is soon able to reach Bale, hometown of Lavitz. They go to King Albert and report what happened to the Knighthood that was destroyed. Two men are shown beside him, one is Minister Noishe, and the other is known as The Man In The Hood Albert shows his gratitude to Dart by introducing Minister Noish to him. Dart asks him about the Black Monster, but he didn't know anything. Dart is instead told the story of the Dragon Campaign, as the Black Monster first appeared in history after the war. After the story, Dart asks Albert if Shana could be left at the castle. Albert politely says no and tells Dart that he is the only one who can protect her. A meeting is held, Shana and Dart go outside to view the city. Lavitz comes out and tells them they are going to the Fort; Hoax. Dart has resolved to help end the war and return home with Shana. The three leave the castle, see Lavitz's mother and head off to Hoax, after meeting Martel, the Stardust Collector on the way.

Clooney's first role was as an extra in the television mini-series Centennial in 1978, which was based on the novel of the same name by James A. Michener and was partly filmed in Clooney's hometown of Augusta, Kentucky.[33][34] Clooney's first major role came in 1984 in the short-lived CBS sitcom E/R (not to be confused with ER, the long-running medical drama). He played a handyman on the series The Facts of Life and appeared as Bobby Hopkins, a detective, on an episode of The Golden Girls. His first prominent role was a semi-regular supporting role in the sitcom Roseanne, playing Roseanne Barr's supervisor Booker Brooks, followed by the role of a construction worker on Baby Talk, a co-starring role on the CBS drama Bodies of Evidence as Detective Ryan Walker, and then a year-long turn as Det. James Falconer on Sisters. In 1988, Clooney played one of the lead roles in the comedy-horror film Return of the Killer Tomatoes.[35] In 1990, he starred in the short-lived ABC police drama Sunset Beat.[36] During this period, Clooney was a student at the Beverly Hills Playhouse acting school for five years.[37]

Despite his amnesia, Namor managed to make his way to Randall Peterson's hometown, where he aided the pregnant Nay Peterson by carrying her back home. He stayed in the Peterson home and his memories started to slowly return but the memories of the war caused PTSD. Eventually Charles Xavier arrived to see Namor and inform him of his mutant status. Namor then agreed to join Charles on his search for more of their kind. They traveled the country but failed to find any before coming across a mutant surrounded by police and Charles mentally restrained the officers. After learning that the mutant Genus could change the species of living things, Namor and Charles argued on how to proceed, weakening Charles' hold on the officers, one of which shot and killed the mutant. When Namor tried to kill the officers in retaliation, Charles restrained him and tried to force him to face his trauma, but Namor broke free of his control. A now further mentally damaged Namor flew off and his amnesia returned.[36]

During the flight, Tita helps Agate with his Orbal device. During a conversation, Agate asks her if she is not scared, to which Tita replies that she isn't because she has Estelle and everyone else. She then asks Agate who Mischa is, to his shock. Agate mysteriously replies that Mischa is his sister, and that she lives back in his hometown. When the airship gets close to their destination, Tita hides with Estelle and co. in a secret panel in a cargo box.

Genesis is a prideful, arrogant, and flamboyant man devoted to achieving his goals. He takes pride in the figure he cuts, his fighting skills, and the popularity they garner him. He is otherwise reserved and keeps his true feelings to himself, only opening up to his companions Angeal and Sephiroth. He feels betrayed by both his biological and adoptive parents, seeking out and learning the truth about his birth, which leads him to resent Shinra and eventually start a rebellion. Though bitter about his origins, he has fond memories of his childhood and hometown in Banora, often seen with dumbapples in hand and establishing a secret underground base where he used to play.[1][3][8][12]

On his return to his hometown, Gingka is confronted by a mysterious young man who claims that he is the number one Blader that missed his chance to battle Gingka. This young man's name is Masamune Kadoya and he challenges Gingka to prove that he is the best. Gingka uses this battle to test Galaxy Pegasus' strength and easily defeats Masamune but surprisingly can't grasp Galaxy Pegasus' great power. 041b061a72


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