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The hidden history of Dubrovnik and the American Revolution revealed by Francesco Favi's letters

Here is the outline of the article: # Dubrovnik and the American Revolution: Francesco Favi's letters ## Introduction - Explain the topic and the main purpose of the article - Provide some background information on Francesco Favi, Dubrovnik, and the American Revolution - Mention the main sources of the letters and their historical significance ## Francesco Favi: A Tuscan Diplomat in Dubrovnik - Describe Favi's personal and professional life, his education, career, and family - Explain his role as the Tuscan chargé d'affaires to France and his involvement in the negotiations for a commercial treaty with the United States - Highlight his interest in the American cause and his correspondence with the American commissioners ## Dubrovnik: A Maritime Republic in the Adriatic Sea - Describe the history, geography, culture, and economy of Dubrovnik, also known as Ragusa - Explain its political status as a semi-independent republic under the protection of the Ottoman Empire - Highlight its maritime trade, its relations with other European powers, and its involvement in the Mediterranean conflicts ## The American Revolution: A Global Struggle for Independence - Describe the causes, events, and outcomes of the American Revolution, also known as the War of Independence - Explain its impact on the international relations, diplomacy, and commerce of the late 18th century - Highlight its influence on the ideas of liberty, democracy, and human rights ## Francesco Favi's letters: A Unique Source of Information - Describe the content, style, and tone of Favi's letters to the American commissioners and other correspondents - Explain how they reveal Favi's views, opinions, and insights on various topics related to the American Revolution and Dubrovnik - Highlight some of the most interesting, informative, or surprising excerpts from his letters ## Conclusion - Summarize the main points and findings of the article - Emphasize the importance and relevance of Favi's letters for understanding the history of Dubrovnik and the American Revolution - Provide some suggestions for further reading or research on this topic ## FAQs - Who were the American commissioners that Favi corresponded with? - What was the outcome of the Tuscan-American commercial treaty that Favi negotiated? - How did Dubrovnik benefit from its trade with the United States during and after the American Revolution? - What were some of the challenges or difficulties that Favi faced as a diplomat in Dubrovnik? - How did Favi's letters contribute to the preservation and promotion of Dubrovnik's cultural heritage?

Dubrovnik and the American Revolution : Francesco Favi's letters by Francesco Favi; Wayne S Vucinich

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