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What is Asian handicap – Experience of accurately predicting the Asian handicap for you guys

What is Asian handicap – In football betting, Asian handicap is a type of bet that is not easy to play, so for beginners or those who have never played, they probably don't know about this type of bet. This is considered a relatively interesting type of bet and can bring very high rewards in a short period of time. Let's explore the information about this type of bet through the following hack vip betting tips with Wintips.

What is the concept of Asian handicap?

In most football betting, players may not understand what Asian handicap is. This is considered a very popular type of bet. This type of bet is offered directly by the bookmakers while the match is taking place. Accordingly, players can choose to place bets during this time.

This is quite similar to other types of popular bets nowadays such as full-game betting or football betting. With the advantage of low odds but the potential to earn a lot of money, this type of bet is favored by many players. Many players also see this as an opportunity to quickly and soon recover their capital.

What time does the Asian handicap start from?

What is the Asian handicap in the odds of Asian handicap in football will be calculated from the start of the match until the end. Whether it's a corner kick or a goal, there are countless opportunities to make money for you only when you bet above and below.

The Asian handicap starts from when the ball is kicked off, however, the best time to place a bet is not when the goal is scored. So what is the most accurate time to bet on the Asian handicap? According to experience from experts, the easiest way to win is from the beginning of the first half to the middle of the second half.

First half: you should place bets after 10-15 minutes of play to have a preliminary assessment of the playing situation on the field as well as the form of both teams.

Middle of the second half: this is the most reasonable time to predict the outcome, you need to place bets from the 60th to the 65th minute.

How to view Asian handicap in football?

At each betting website, the odds will be completely different. On the other hand, bets cannot be accepted at the same time. Therefore, you need to carefully research a place where you intend to place your bet. Explore and experience carefully before starting.

Because playing Asian handicap is completely unstable and absolutely will be very easy to be rejected to place a bet, Therefore, once you have the right direction that benefits you, you should participate in the game immediately and don't think too much about it. Whether you reject placing a bet at this time will no longer depend on the bookmaker.

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Experiences of Reading "Kèo Rung" from Veteran Players

What is "Kèo Rung"? - "Kèo Rung" is considered one of the types of bets that help players increase their chances of winning big from bookmakers. However, without knowing the ropes, this type of bet can be challenging to win. Let's explore some effective strategies for reading "Kèo Rung" below:

Understanding Each Type of "Kèo Rung":

In football betting, there are various types of bets, but you can double your chances of winning if you pay specific attention to each type of bet.

Betting on "Tài"/Over and "Xỉu"/Under: Start by betting "Under" when the number of goals scored in the first half is less than 1 and switch to "Over" when the number of goals is greater than 2 in the first half.

Corners Handicap: In the first half, you should bet on corners from the left side. Restart if you haven't received a left corner within the first 8 minutes. Switch to betting "Under" if you haven't received any left corners within the first 8 minutes.

Handicap Betting: Depending on the attacking situation of the teams, you can adjust your handicap ratio accordingly. Therefore, it's the best time to place your bets for the entire match or the beginning of the second half.

Choosing the Right Matches for "Kèo Rung":

Friendlies may have unexpected outcomes and erratic scorelines due to their ceremonial nature, so it's advisable to avoid selecting them. Moreover, since performance is the priority, most players may not give their all, making it difficult to predict the outcome.

Limiting the Number of "Kèo Rung" Bets per Day:

Although "Kèo" bets offer high rewards, it's recommended to limit yourself to 2-3 "Kèo Rung" bets per day to provide accurate assessments and enough attention to place the best bets. Doing so will ensure you have more time to analyze your game.


With the information shared in this best betting tips app , you now have a better understanding of what "Kèo Rung" is and the most effective strategies for reading it. We hope the knowledge we provide will bring you many exciting experiences and victories when participating in reputable bookmakers!


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