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Share Experience To Read European Betting Odds

European betting odds have remained attractive to this day due to their simple and easy-to-understand rules and exceptionally generous payouts. However, to easily maintain a streak of consecutive wins, beginners need soccer tips over 2.5 goals to remember some tips from the experts in the field, which are shared in the following article.

Understanding European Betting Odds

European football betting odds, often abbreviated as 1×2 odds, are indicated by the same name on the betting boards of online platforms. This form of betting is applied when there is a clear disparity in the performance of the two football teams. Therefore, the score is not the key factor in making predictions but rather the overall outcome of win, loss, or draw.

Guide for Beginners on How to Read European Football Betting Odds

Typically, European betting odds are represented on the system by various symbols and figures. To read them, you need to remember the following symbols:

FT1x2: The bet is applied for the entire match.

1H.1×2: The bet is only applied for the first half.

1: Represents the home team (favorites).

X: Represents a draw at the end of the match.

2: Represents the away team (underdogs).

Usually, the home team is listed on the top, the away team is at the bottom, and the draw option is in the third position. The winning probability in European betting odds is 33.3%, which is quite suitable for beginners.

Easy-to-Understand Example of Determining the Outcome in European Football Betting Odds

Suppose a player bets 100,000 VND on a full-time match between Manchester United and Newcastle United. With payout odds of 1.94: 3.70: 3.90 for the three options respectively, the bettor might encounter one of the following three scenarios:

Manchester United wins

For European odds, if the bettor bets on Manchester United to win, they will receive a payout of 194,000 VND, including 100,000 VND of the original bet and 94,000 VND of profit. Those who bet on a draw or Newcastle United will lose 100,000 VND.

Newcastle United wins

A player betting on Newcastle United to win will bring home a payout of 370,000 VND, which includes 100,000 VND of the original bet and 270,000 VND of profit. Conversely, bettors who wager on a draw or Manchester United to win will lose their initial stake (100,000 VND).

Newcastle United and Manchester United draw

In the case that you bet on a draw between Newcastle United and Manchester United, you will receive an attractive payout of 435,000 VND, including 100,000 VND of the original bet and 335,000 VND of profit. Conversely, those who bet on the other two outcomes will lose their entire stake.

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Unbeatable European Football Betting Tips from Experts

To achieve consistent victories in European football betting at bookmakers, you need to pocket a few tips shared by seasoned experts. In recent times, many players have successfully applied the following strategies:

Research Information and Head-to-Head History of the Two Teams

When participating in sports betting, players should not rely on intuition to make betting decisions. Intuition stems from personal emotions, which makes its accuracy very low.

The perfect time to place a European bet is when you have gathered basic information about the two teams, such as their form, achievements, and participating lineup. Analyzing this information directly affects the outcome of your bet.

Additionally, you should review the match history of the two teams before making a betting decision. Moreover, check if these teams have faced each other before. If you are unsure which team to bet on, choose the team that won their previous encounter.

Understand the Basic Rules of European Betting

Before participating in European betting, you should carefully study the game rules as well as the betting odds. This is the foundation for making accurate predictions.

Particularly, there will be many risks if you engage in betting without fully understanding its rules. In fact, your winning probability increases as you better understand the game's rules and regulations.

Furthermore, in-depth study of the rules will help you analyze and accurately predict situations in the game. From there, you can develop a long-term and stable betting strategy for yourself.

So, we have shared betting tips best sites with beginners all the useful tips and exciting information about European sports betting. Don't forget to join reputable bookmakers to receive top-notch offers for new members!


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